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Weekly Update: What have we done?

18 June: Our update

  • We’ve written a statement in response to City’s update on the Cass Business School name, you can find it here.
  • Your President, Tuna raised concerns about next year with City’s Strategy, Implementation & Performance Committee. Some of the items she raised included: student community building, student mental health support and provision, remote education quality, financial hardship and digital poverty.
  • We’ve been working to analyse all the results from our joint Return to Campus survey sent out a couple of weeks ago, a full report of our findings will be discussed with University management shortly.
  • We’ll be following up on the Graduation Survey sent out to all final year students this week to try and ensure students get what they are asking for.
  • Last, but not least, your new Officers start their handover from Monday 22 June. Keep an eye out on our social media for their first posts!

11 June 2020: This week

  • We’ve been responding to the Black Lives Matter movement happening across the globe. You can find our statement from #BlackOutTuesday here. We’ll be continuing this work by lobbying City on their response, including an update on the Cass Business School petition that is currently live.
  • We’ve developed and launched a Race Equality hub on our website for Union staff and students at City. Find it here. If you would like to submit any additional resources, please get in touch.
  • We’re continuing to be active in discussions with City’s management teams around what students returning to campus will look like.
  • Your Union VP Education, Saqlain is feeding into how Programmes will be seeking to change and adapt for September 2020.
  • Your Union President, Tuna has been taking part in the interview panels for the next City President who is expected to take post by the 2021/22 academic year.

4 June 2020: What we've been doing

  • We’ve published a solidarity statement with the Black Lives Matter movement and the incredible activists who are currently protesting across the world in the fight against police brutality, racial inequality and racism. You can read it here.
  • We’ve launched a short feedback survey which will contribute to shaping what a return to campus will look like for students with the University.
  • Your VP Education, Saqlain is shaping discussions around student consultation and communication in relation to Programme changes and redesign a head of the next academic year. You should expect some communication from your Programme over the next couple of weeks.
  • Your VP Community & Wellbeing is finalising a report with recommendations for City on the Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) experience of the Student Counselling & Mental Health services.

28 May 2020: Our work this week

  • We're feeding into the discussion of how City will be considering complaints and requests for financial compensation in relation to Covid-19. An update to their FAQ's will be provided shortly.
  • We're involved in conversations around Graduations for those who were meant to graduate this July, whilst the ceremonies have been postponed indefinitely we are hoping for a short-term meaningful way for students in their final year to celebrate their incredible achievements.
  • We've been shaping how City will centre Student Voice in the 2020/21 academic year by lobbying management at committees for a coherent real-time student feedback platform.
  • We are hoping to shortly be  meeting with the Deputy President and Director of Registry & Student Services to further discuss issues students living in Sanctuary Student accommodation are facing.
  • Your Vice-President Community & Wellbeing, Rania has shared City's statement of solidarity with Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities who have been effected by Covid-19 on our website, see the statement here.
  • Your President, Tuna and Disabled Students' Officer, Ellie have launched a research piece to find out more about the experience of students with disabilities at City. The results will be used to shape our work next year. You can complete the survey here.

21 May 2020: What have we done this week? 

  • Your VP Education successfully lobbied for a commitment for mandatory training for all staff required to sit on Disciplinary Panels, something which staff can currently do with no guidance beforehand.
  • Your VP Community & Wellbeing has been working with other Students’ Union Officers in London and across the U.K. to come up with a plan to tackle the unfair treatment of students staying in Sanctuary halls of residence.
  • Your President continued to lobby for the further need of financial support for students during this time at Council (City’s highest governing body). University Management will bring an update on student financial support to a future meeting.
  • We’re continuing to play a part in the recruitment process of the next City, University of London President.
  • Last but not least, the Union had its first meeting with your Officer Team-elect – Saqlain, Ruqaiyah and Shaima. We discussed what their summer training will look like, as well as giving them a comprehensive update on the ongoing pandemic response.

14 May 2020: What have we done this week? 


  • We’ve opened a dialogue with the University about the loss of earnings of student employed through UniTemps are currently experiencing, and how they may be supported financially.
  • We attended the Quality & Standards Implementation and Contingency Group and further discussed the ‘fair principles’ approach, asking how City would be implementing it in postgraduate programmes and for students who submitted Extenuating Circumstances for their January examinations.
  • We have raised with City that they should consider reducing Postgraduate fees for third-year Undergraduate students as a form of compensation.
  • We’re continuing to push discussions concerning the quality of online teaching and learning, ensuring that preparations for Term 1 2020/21 are reflective of current student feedback.
  • Your VP Education co-delivered a session with Learning Success for students studying over Ramadan.
  • We’re continuing our work on Value for Money at City, focusing on how conversations need to change in response to Covid-19.


7 May 2020: What have we done so far? 

Our first wins are here, we've been working really hard to make sure you are not disadvantaged in light of current events. Here's what we've worked on so far and we'll be releasing more each week. 



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