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We've made our decision on the newspaper policies

City Students' Union is pleased to be a place which opens debate and discussion. We provide students with a forum to disagree with each other, consider controversial topics and express a breadth of opinion.

In providing this, we have an unusual situation where two contrasting policies concerning the media have been passed. Students at the general meeting on 9th February 2017 agreed a motion entitled ‘Opposing Prejudice in the Media Through Education’. They were informed that this did not replace the motion ‘Opposing Fascism & Social Divisiveness in the UK Media’ passed earlier in the year. Therefore the Trustee Board were asked to consider both policies. 

It is not within the Board's remit to turn down policy passed by students so long as it meets certain conditions. Both motions met these conditions. As such both were considered valid but the Union will not be acting on either of them. As the Union does not currently sell newspapers of any sort this means no change of purchasing behaviour will be made. 

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Wed 21 Apr 2021

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