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What happened at last Student Council of the year?

City, University of London Students’ Union (the Union) hosts a Student Council Meeting every term.

This term the meeting was held on Tuesday 23rd of March and was attended by over 28 students.

From the 13 motions submitted, 12 motions passed and will become student policy. Student leaders will be working to achieve the resolutions over the coming months and years. You can see the papers and motions for the meeting by clicking here, but here are the short highlights.

The meeting started with an update from our Sabbatical and Staff Team on the Democracy Review.


The Minutes from our last meeting were voted for approval by the Student Councillors in attendance, you can see these in the papers for the meeting.

Officer Reports:

Student Councillors were able to hold the Executive Officer team to account through the accountability reports. Student Council is responsible to ensure the Executive Officer team is undertaking the responsabilities of their roles and abiding to Union Policy in their actions.

8 Officer reports were submitted to Student Council:

  1. VP Education - Ruqaiyah Javaid 
  2. VP Community and Wellbeing - Shaima Dallali
  3. Law SRO - Tyler Austin
  4. SMCSE SRO - Chandra Rodrigues
  5. SASS SRO - Tevo Kearney-James
  6. LGBT+ Officer - Paulina Samasova
  7. Ethics & Environmental Officer - Shad Islam
  8. Postgraduate Taught Officer - Abdul Qudoos Sohal

Have a look at what they have been up to so far this term here - you only need to scroll down after the agenda.


  • In terms of Value for Money, students discussed the reimbursement of tuition fees, freed education and discounted language courses.

Students approved the Students United Against Tuition Fees (SUAF) motion and as a result, City Students’ Union will recognise, endorse, and actively contribute to the Students United Against Tuition Fees (SUAF) campaign.

In terms of language courses at City, students approved the motions for Language courses taught in the context of Business for all City Undergraduates and Discount all language short courses for City students and alumni. In the following months, student leaders will be lobbying the University for a 30% discount on the Language Short Courses for City students and Alumni. Furthermore, student leaders will work with the Centre for Language Studies to provide City undergraduates, from all schools, the option to study language courses in the context of a business as an extra-curricular during any year in their undergraduate.

  • In terms of academic issues, students discussed the exam scheduling and Law School resources.

Student approved the Exam Scheduling motion, calling for exams to be adequately spaced out (timewise) (such as one-day in-between exams) for all schools, as well as an additional week to be placed between the end of exam period and the beginning of the academic term to allow students to properly rest.

In terms of the Law School, students approved the Re-format City Law School Events & Opportunities Moodle Page and the Hard Copies of Law Books for the Law School. Student leaders will be working on the accessibility of the Moodle page and actively lobby the Law School to provide both mandatory and electives textbooks with no additional cost.

  • In terms of matters related to the Students’ Union, students discussed compulsory memberships fees for student groups, the removal of the name Cass from the School Representative Officer role, Slates within our Elections and Solidarity with the Uyghur People.

Students approved the Removal of compulsory membership fees for Student Groups, allowing student groups and academic communities to have no membership fee. In terms of elections, student councillors approved the Change the CASS SRO title to Business SRO. Both motions need amendment of our bye-law changes, which will be submitted to Trustee Board for approval.

The Solidarity with the Uyghur People – Stop the Genocide motion was approved and as a result, City Students’ Union will recognise November 12th of each academic year as the 74th and 85th anniversaries of the formally held Uyghur republics (East Turkestan).

Unfortunately, the motion Make elections more student friendly asking for the amendment of two bye-laws was not approved.  

  • Finally, in terms of Student Experience students discussed the January intake and facilities.

Student Councillors approved motions on Adequate Opportunities for Students starting in the January intake, the Instalment of bidet (sanitation) showers in toilets and the Wall of Fame on campus. 


This was our last Student Council of the year and as City Students' Union staff we would like to say well done to our Student Council Chair, Sajid Siddiqui, to our Student Councillors and to all students who submitted motions and attended the meetings! This year has been very challenging, showing even more the importance of participating and raising your voice on issues you care about.