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What your officers have been working on | February 2022

Officer Impact - February


Here's what your SU officers have been getting up to lately!

  • Your SU President, Shaima Dallali:

    • Student Experience: Shaima is actively involved in the development of the University’s new strategy, bringing in the student experience.
    • Mental Health campaign: Shaima is continuing to work on the mental health campaign and taking part in the recruitment process for the new mental health team.


  • Your VP Community & Wellbeing, Shahd Haj-Khalil:

    • Sports Collaboration: Shahd has started conversations with City Sport to discuss the ways in which we can collaborate with their plans for this academic term. This includes the Brit challenge awards in which students are encouraged to become more active to better their mental health.
    • Fundraising: Shahd has initiated a project with Sense charity to set up donation boxes on campus. This will provide students with the opportunity to donate stock to the charity which will support children and adults with sensory needs.


  • Your VP Education, Ruqaiyah Javaid:

    • Making students more employable: Ruqaiyah is creating a new student Board to look at education and employability, improving feedback mechanisms and improving the SU’s employability offers.

    • Extenuating Circumstances policy: has reviewed the changes to the Extenuating circumstances application processes across Schools and providing them with critical feedback about how student friendly the new designs are.


Here are what some of your SU officers have been up to

  • Sarah (Law School Representative Officer): Working to bring volunteering and clinical opportunities to law students and has streamlined the application process when applying to such opportunities. She has worked to establish partnerships with firms and organizations to bring opportunities to City students in order to increase their work experience outside of academia.


  • Purity (Black & Minority Ethnics Officer): Facilitated a focus group on race equality at the university and workplaces and will be attending a student led panel event on supporting race equality in the workplace on the 8th of February.


  • Paulina (LGBTQ+ Officer): Decorating the student spaces as well as organising workshops, webinars and socials to celebrate LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex) History Month.


  • Zoya (Raising and Giving Officer): Collaborating with societies like Afghan society and PakSoc. She created a RAG team who jointly supports these projects.