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What your officers have been working on?

September/October 2020 

We’ve had a really busy few weeks, and now it’s time to reflect what we’ve been working on to support you. 

We have:

  1. Successfully lobbied and worked with the University to have the Great Hall reinstated for Friday prayers.
  2. Published a statement in solidarity with the UNISON’s campaign, you can find it here. We encourage all students to sign and show their support for our cleaning and catering staff.
  3. Gathering data from your School Representative Officers around how to improve assessment and feedback processes for students.
  4. Planning for Black History Month, which has officially launched! You can find out what we’ve got planned here. We’ve also started planning for Islamophobia Awareness Month, which takes place in November. Keep an eye out to see what we’ve got in store for you all!
  5. Collecting feedback on the student experience so far and what students would like to see from City in the coming months.
  6. Launched our Humans of City campaign! Fill out the form here to have your story featured.
  7. Working on our Digital Inclusion campaign, to ensure that all students have access to the technology and equipment that they need in order to participate in online learning. We should be launching the scheme officially very soon, so keep an eye out for that.
  8. Consulting with the University on the name change of the Business School.
  9. Working on the Community Agreement with the University, ensuring that the expectations of students and the University are fair and mutually beneficial.
  10. Developing BAME Ambassador roles, which are paid roles for students to participate in work around equality, diversity and inclusion. The job advert will be coming out very soon.
  11. Conducted Race Equality interviews to better understand the challenges faced by BAME students at City and will be working with the University to implement changes that benefit this group of students.
  12. Working closely to support incoming students and ensuring that they know that the Union is here to support them. We have given presentations at Start @ City, Thriving @ City, postgraduate and School inductions.
  13. Working with the Network for Racial Justice on Recruitment, Progression and success of BAME Students.
  14. Held our Welcome Week stall and are conducting wellbeing checks on students to see how you’ve been getting on over the Covid period and checking if there is any support that you may need from your Union.
  15. Meeting with the University’s executive team to discuss student satisfaction and experience.
  16. Working with University to review and consult on policy, to ensure that policies are reasonable and student-friendly.


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