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Why is Student Council so important?

If you don’t like something at University, why not do something about it? If you don’t like how your Part-time and Full-time officers are acting, why not hold them to account and question them about your concerns? This is your chance to do all that and more.

What students don’t seem to know is that as a Student Councillor, you’re our highest representational body of the Union. You’re only below that of the Board of Trustees and that is serious business. Consider yourself as a Member of Parliament but for the University. You have the power to make policy and participate in debate and only members of Student Council can vote to make changes.

Still don’t think Student Council is important? Imagine a Students’ Union whereby the Part-time and Full-time officers could do whatever they want. They had no one to stop them from passing their own policy, with complete disregard to the students they represent. Pretty scary right? There is a reason why we don’t have such a system; to prevent a concentration of power in one group of individuals. It is to ensure we protect the needs and wants of all members of our Union and not to the few who are in a position of power.

Still not convinced?! Check out all these amazing policies that were passed in Student Council meetings:

  1. Removing evening exams.
  2. Providing halal food options at all City, University of London outlets and City Students’ Union events.
  3. Reduce the external speaker wait time.
  4. The right to education without religious discrimination
  5. All societies/ student groups to apply for additional funding for catering costs.

At this point you may be thinking, ‘I’d like to do this position but I’m worried it’ll take up too much time.’ Well I come with good news! Student Council only meet three times a year, so it’s perfect if you have a busy schedule.

However, after all this, if you are still not convinced, then becoming a Student Councillor makes you much more desirable to potential employers. The position makes you stand out from the crowd- there are only three Councillors per school. Meaning the year you graduate, there are only 14 others who will have Student Councillor on their CV. That’s over 2000 students who won’t be able to say that. Being a Student Councillor also demonstrates you have passion and a desire to create real change. All great talking points when applying for jobs and being interviewed.

It’s a no brainer. Click here to sign up today!



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