Win: Here's where you can find the new desk spaces

City Students’ Union has been working with City, University of London around the closure of the Graduate Library space that occurred in September 2016. Postgraduate students were vocal in their concerns around this action being taken due to the construction taking place on Sebastian Street which will further improve the experience of students at City in future years. After much discussion in meetings between the SU and the University, we are pleased to announce that some alternative dedicated Postgraduate study space has been allocated in the following areas:   

10 places available in CLG41 for Engineering students and 15 places in A304 for Computer Science students – All of these desks are hot-desks and hence require students to not leave any belongings behind at these desks when leaving them.

We are also pleased to announce that there are now 30 extra hot-desk spaces in the Myddleton building for use by PhD students from the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS).

The new Myddleton building desks

This is a big win as the original Graduate Library had 50 spaces in it, but together we have found 55 spaces for students around the University.

We know that there are still Postgraduate students from other schools and courses that require dedicated study space, so please rest assured that the Students’ Union will continue to work with the University to ensure that there is dedicated Postgraduate study space for the courses which don’t yet have it.



Sahra Taylor
3:43pm on 22 May 17 Dear CULSU, It's a bit confusing that you are referring to the closing of the Graduate library, but referring to it as the Postgraduate library (PG Library). This sounds somewhat like a re-writing of the history of the use of the Graduate Library (which did have some PhD researcher usage, but was primarily aimed at providing a space for graduate students) Also, that this means that (since there is an expected large intact in 2017-18 of Postgrads to align with the new Ref) that there is an overall reduction in the amount of space available to SASS PhD researchers. In addition, the spaces at Myddelton do not have out-of-hours access, and with the lack of personal storage space make the use of the spaces of limited value to those researchers who use the university premises as their office to conduct their research, teaching, marking and tutoring etc. Further that there are moves to make ALL of the SASS research areas 100% hot-desking. This is something that we vigorously oppose as the use of hot-desking is no different to impermanence desking - which fosters a greater distance from other researchers, and the academic environment of the school. We believe that to impose this on us would harm the environment that the PhD researchers have fostered over the last few years to facilitate collaboration and a sense of community in the school. We would have preferred to have been involved in discussions with the school as to how to move forward together for our mutual benefit, rather than have the management decide for us, without any consultation. Sahra Taylor
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