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After you said the Uni made the wrong choice, we stepped in

How we stood up for you

Zain Ismail, your Vice President, Education, tell us how he managed to reverse some unfair marks that were given out in a couple of modules, and how you can get involved. 

Having a seat at the table

Over the past few weeks, a number of students and Programme Reps got in touch with me regarding issues around certain assessment and module delivery. As Vice-President Education, it is my role to ensure Schools are delivering courses to students well and to flag any issues regarding academic satisfaction.

“two modules had their marks brought down by as much as 13%”

In two particular situations, Programme Reps have worked with me to ensure they get the best outcome for their classmates. First, a group of students across two modules had their marks brought down by as much as 13% (!!), due to errors that were not within their control, and therefore felt disadvantaged and penalised for their hard work. Students on these courses became frustrated and spoke with their Reps about this who then came to see me. I was able to make note of their issues and concerns, to then raise this with the Senior Management of the School. After discussion and debate, the School agreed to revert all the students’ marks back to their raw scores to ensure they were not disadvantaged!

“When important decisions are made, having a seat at the table is essential”

Another situation involved the delivery of a module and the assessment at the end of the module not assessing what the students had been taught in class. This resulted in a high number of students failing and therefore being asked to re-sit during the summer re-sit period, causing delay to a number of students who were aiming to graduate in July 2017. Again, the Programme Reps came to visit me on a number of occasions and we managed to set up a meeting with the Head of Department and Associate Dean. The Reps then further advocated their concerns and the outcome was that the School rebalanced the marks of students with a piece of work they performed better in, and also offered an uncapped optional assessment for students who felt they can perform much better in.

“If you want to get your voice heard, contact your Programme Rep!”

When important decisions are made, having a seat at the table is essential. Also, that your Vice-President Education is here to help you whether it may be an issue with your course or an assessment. I am here to support you in closing the feedback loop and reaching amicable solutions for the benefit of you and your classmates. 

Students go to Programme Reps speak to me (your Vice-President Education), and I have the contacts in the Senior Management of Schools to get your opinions heard. If you want to get your voice heard, contact your Programme Rep! 

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank City, University of London and its relevant Schools for working with the Students’ Union, for the ultimate benefit of our students.


Zain Ismail,

Vice President, Education




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