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Winners Announced in the SU Carrot Awards 2018

Your list of winners

Leadership Award Recipients

  • Ali Yasen
  • Annefloor Carels
  • Arif Jones
  • Asef Ahmed
  • Egor Chetverikov
  • Fatema Dhanani
  • Frida Lorentzen
  • Ibukunoluwa Ogundipe
  • Jainam Ghelani
  • Joyce Gallagher
  • Jusvinder Birdi
  • Laura Beswick
  • Lotta Urban
  • Madeline Smith
  • Martin Wilson
  • Mastura Abid
  • Milly Vincent
  • Mohammed Qasmi
  • Paula Poniatowska
  • Rajas Chitnis
  • Ricky Emery
  • Sharmin Chowdhury
  • Simon Herland-Figenschau
  • Tuna Kunt
  • Waqar Ahmad
  • Wei Qiang Lim

Carrot Awards: Honourable Mentions

  • Ali Milani
  • Asef Ahmed
  • Beatrice Fiechtner-Christofaro
  • Bilal Sacoor
  • Chinnuthai Shanmugam
  • Dan Chung
  • David Seymour
  • Dr Philip Prescott
  • Edward Jeffery
  • Egor Chetverikov
  • Giovanni Fusco
  • Gregory Wellington
  • Hafsa Momin
  • Holly Powell Jones
  • ilyas nagdee
  • Ivan Luca Galenda
  • Joel Garson
  • Katherine Tobar-Manosalvas
  • Laurence Jones
  • Lesley Bayly-Bureau
  • Maimuna Bushale
  • Maria Dingle
  • Maxime Comminge
  • Mimi Swehli
  • Mohsen Noureddine
  • Neha Visavadia
  • Oliver Batty (Ollie)
  • Olympia Haralambous
  • Paula Poniatowska
  • Pierpaolo Iaquinta
  • Precious Chenjerai
  • Professor Roger Crouch
  • Reanna Lewis
  • Ronald Douglas
  • Sara Smith
  • Sharmin Kamaly
  • Siim Martin Ojavere
  • Sonally Kaur Nyotta
  • Surra Mehdi
  • Tarah Ouegnin
  • Vahid Vagharfard
  • Yew Yan Wong
  • Yige (Chelsey) Liu
  • Zohaib Tariq
  • Mark Gyimah

Carrot Awards: Bronze

  • Abdurrrahman Tamimi
  • Adrian Spence
  • Amaney Ehtash
  • Anna-Noemie Outtara Boni
  • Aurora Herrera
  • Ben Robinson
  • Birsem Tilki
  • Clare Reilly
  • Curtis Gibson
  • Danielle Venton
  • Ed Armitage
  • Harpreet Parmar
  • Ibukunoluwa Ogundipe
  • Jagriti Jyoti
  • Jake Kendle
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Lucy Dawkins
  • Minni Agyeben
  • Mohamed Ben Jannet (Aziz)
  • Nazia Bharde
  • Professor Chris Greer
  • Professor Debra Salmon
  • Professor Marianne Lewis
  • Rajas Chitnis
  • Rhiannon Mobbs
  • Rowan Mills
  • Ruqaiyah Javaid
  • Ryan Bromilow
  • Selim Afifi
  • Dr Tawhida Ahmed
  • Yosuf Ali

Best New Student Group Award


  • Carrot Radio
  • City Check Mate Society
  • Palestinian Society
  • Speech and Language Therapy Society
  • City Lawyers Without Borders Society

"This Society has hosted more than twenty weekly gatherings, several monthly special events, and are holding their first annual grand tournament. This group brings together people from various backgrounds, career paths and beliefs, playing an ancient classic mind game and creating an effective platform for communication and intellectual exercise. The team have been very visible and engaging on campus and do their utmost to make positive contributions to the City community and to charity"

Winner: City Check Mate Society

Best Contribution To Charity Fundraising Award


  • Back to School Charity night - Drama society and Rugby
  • Charity Week - Islamic Society
  • LawWorks Challenge – Pro Bono Society
  • RAG Week Winter 2017 – RAG Board
  • InterPal – Palestine Society

“This charity fundraising project raised a magnificent £15,273.19 in one week for a charitable cause, doubling their figure from their campaign last year! They had 60 students do a sponsored mountain climb to Snowdonia, each raising over £200 in sponsorships. The unity on the climb was surreal and brotherhood was fostered - first years felt welcomed and were able to actively contribute to a large community project. The charity work of this society has definitely lifted the hearts of the students and encouraging them to achieve and to do good works”

Winner: Charity Week - Islamic Society

Carrot Awards: Silver

  • Abdul Khokhar
  • Ali Yasen
  • Elliot Dallas
  • Fatema Dhanani
  • Kaidy Matsina
  • Keith Simpson
  • Laura Dickens
  • Madeline Smith
  • Martin Wilson
  • Miles Battye
  • Monica Miah
  • Professor Pam Parker
  • Ricky Emery
  • Sharmin Chowdhury
  • Shayan Lotfi
  • Sheikh Hassan
  • Yusuf Ahmad
  • Zain Ismail

Most Improved Student Group Award


  • Dance Society
  • Law Society
  • LGBT Society
  • Pro Bono Society
  • Drama Society

"This society have been City Students' Union's most ambitious and prolific student group. This year they have run charity events, pancake stalls, competitions such as pool or raffles, socials, a Business & Law Summit, and large scale Winter and Spring balls. They also engaged people through petitions and campaigns to improve lives of students. Through always pushing the boundaries as far as possible, the society expanded this year to become this year's largest Student Group at City with over 400 members, and their tremendous efforts received sponsorship and recognition from the Law School."

Winner: Pro Bono Society


Event Of The Year Award


  • HackCity18 – Tech Society
  • A Medley of Comedy and Classic – Drama Society
  • The Annual Checkmate 1st Chess Tournament – Check Mate Society
  • Diversity & Inclusion Winter Ball – Pro Bono Society
  • Selective Mutism: Choice or Condition? – Speech & Language Therapy Society

"One of the biggest events of the year, this event sees students stay on campus overnight, producing awesome projects using software engineering/computer science. The event had over 150 attendees from over the UK, attracted over £11,000 worth of sponsorship. and saw 30 project presentations at the end of the weekend, choosing winners and presenting prizes to the teams.  The event's feedback was brilliant, and the society made connections with various large companies, making this a unique event for anyone who wanted to learn, build and share their knowledge with other students."

Winner: HackCity18 – Tech Society

Carrot Awards: Gold

  • Professor Carl Stychin
  • Issy Cooke
  • Shaima Dhallali
  • Simon Herland Figenschau
  • Tuna Kunt


Student Group Of The Year Award


  • Palestinian Society
  • Check Mate Society
  • Tech Society
  • Law Society
  • Pro Bono Society

"Although this society is relatively new, they have bravely faced challenges and achieved objectives, They collaborated with other societies to lead Islamophobia Awareness Month, and have consistently encouraged students to become politically active. The society overcame barriers with positivity and hard work, organising speaker events and fortnightly stalls on campus, raising £1500 to build a water tank in a deprived part of the world, and taking part in a massive multi-university conference. The society has stayed focussed on its cause whilst working with a variety of student groups on campus and at other universities."

Winner: Palestinian Society

Student Of The Year Award

Shortlist: This year’s Carrot Award Winners

“This student leads an incredible society, and has personally been one of the most active students at City this year. She has displayed outstanding leadership qualities and been highly supportive of society members and others. She can often be found on the main university walkway, giving her time selflessly to talk to a wide variety of students and staff, helping people to understand world issues. She has also organised countless events and overcome a number of barriers, and cooperated with other Student Groups in an exemplary manner.”

Winner: Shaima Dhallali




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