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Worried about that future career? Some top tips for preppin’ for life after University

Coronavirus has disrupted many elements of the traditional University life but that doesn’t necessarily have to disrupt how you think about what’s next. Here are some pointers on exploring Career potential and ways to help you grow in these odd times…

Take care of yo self

Do what works best for you. Socialise, eat well, exercise or completely ignore that and don’t. These months have been mentally and physically challenging, so listen to what you need and not what Instagram stories are telling you. You know yourself best right? Get creative, binge watch something online, reach out to your support network or just enjoy endless cups of tea. If you even fancy more education, there’s tonnes of free online courses from Google Garage to Edx, which can range from bossing excel to early modern England (cool right?)

Fingers crossed, this will be the only time in your life (outside educational obligations), that you are going to be considered a responsible adult just for staying at home. Be a hero and make yourself the priority on your list.

Explore what’s next

But if you are getting a little bored, Careers research is a great way of entertaining yourself in between episodes of Killing Eve.

Do you have more questions about life after graduation than answers? Don’t know what sector you find sexy? Or you really know what you want but have no clue how to climb that ladder? (That’s a snakes and ladder reference kids.) Careers research can help with these questions, because having more knowledge at your disposable, will help to inform how you get on your journey.

Get on some Careers websites. Chat to those Alumni pals about what they are doing – never underestimate the help friends can be in understanding the world of work. Having a look at different job descriptions and match that with your interests, values and what you are passionate about. Want to give it a go? Drop that company an email or look into work experience in that area. If not, skip it and have a look at something else. Cheeky reminder – not every job is the right job. Got to kiss some toads to find that mythical prince or princess.

Network, but keep it socially distanced

The idea of meeting big dog professionals and showing your awesome skills might have been a challenge before Covid-19 came into our lives. Now, with some employees from a range of careers at home, networking has changed to be more accessible for even the most introverted among us. Remote is the new future.

So why not reconnect with those in your online network or start to bolster your LinkedIn profile connecting with some alumni from City? Don’t forget, this forms your online self so update it, why not ask for some recommendations? There’s even some virtual conferences and fairs happening across the world if you fancy it?

Did you know we have a Careers service? Ding ding ding

City Careers has gone online! Fancy that CV check you never had time for? Want some personalised tips on how to get into that competitive Career? Or just want to see what’s out there, that’s been tailored to you as a City student? Jump onto the CareersHub (it’s not scary – promise) and see what’s there to help you. Worth a shot right?

Embrace your inner chameleon

A lot of change is coming and these are just some small ways to navigate it but never forget, a starting point is checking in with yourself and asking what you want next.

We don’t know what’s coming next for the job market, and whilst that can be quite scary, we do know there will still be graduate opportunities out there when we header closer to normality.

So remember, just as pre-COVID19, you have a bright future ahead of you. Just keep plodding on, one online step at a time.




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