Round 1 of LUBE!

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Last Saturday was the first round of LUBE (London university bouldering event), our first competition of the year, and the first ever boulding competition for some of our team members!

Competitors had 25 boulder problems to complete and 3 attempts to complete them in. Points were awarded based on the number of attempts in which they were able to complete a problem and they had 3 hours to attempt all the problems. After the 3 hours, the points were tallied up and the top 3 female and male competitors went head to head in the finals and attempted one final boulder problem.

The total scores for each university were also added together and put into a ranking. City managed to get a total of 1143 points getting us 6th place out of 19 other universities!!

Some of our team members also did really well in the individual rankings with Liang and Foz who got 19th and 21st place out of 103 other competitors!

Now onto round 2 which is on the 23rd of November at Stronghold Climbing Centre.


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