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Aromatherapy for Childbirth Training
15th April 9am - 5pm
Aromatherapy for Childbirth Study Day for Midwifery Students at City University.
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Notice of Election: Society Committee Elections for 2019/20

Find out more about the Society Committee Elections.

Things we learnt at NUS International Leaders Conference
The students we met at International Student Leaders Conference

Visas, snacks and friends. We left campus for a day to find out what NUS is doing for International Student's in the U.K.

10 Reasons to Run in our Elections

Not sure about the elections? What even are they? Why should I run?

The 2019 Leadership Elections are here! Take Action

Find out how to nominate yourself for a position!

Student Lifestyle Survey

Does your long commute affect your ability to study when you get to campus? Tell us more to win!

World Mental Health Day: Accessing Support at City

World Mental Health Day, a day observed internationally every 10th October with the aim of ‘raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilising efforts in support of mental health’

Notice of Election

Leadership Elections 2019

Term One Done
A selection of freebies from our Love Students' Union day project

Find out what your Student Officers have been up to this term...

Power Nap Sessions - Recharge Your Batteries!

The Students' Union is running Power Nap Sessions as part of our Study Well campaign. Come , recharge your batteries and prove that there is a real demand for permanent napping facilities on campus!

Zulkaif: Black Attainment Gap?

I recently had the chance to look and research about black attainment gap and to my surprise the difference in figures was astonishing, given a study conducted by...

Goodbye and Farewell

Olesea, Malek and Zulkaif share their departing message as they leave their roles as City Students' Union sabbatical team.

NOMINATE Yourself & Other Students for the SU Carrot Awards!

Get that prestigious award to recognise your achievements and that will allow you to stand out in front of prospective employers. Deadline: Weds 21st March 11.59 pm.

We have ensured the University’s Exam Timetable has been released on time!

Today sees the release of the University’s Exam Timetable for January 2018. This has been released on time and as planned by the University.

Juliet Stevenson from 'Wings' talks about Aphasia

CitySLT students took a visit to Arthur Kopit's 'Wings' at the Young Vic, a play about a fiercely independent woman who suffers a stroke which destroys her sense of reality. As speech and language therapy students, we were interested into the accuracy with which actress Juliet Stevenson portrays the role, and were lucky enough to be able to meet with her to discuss this after the play.

Islamophobia Awareness Month

This month sees the introduction of Islamophobia Awareness Month!

Win: Here's where you can find the new desk spaces

City Students’ Union has been working with City, University of London around the closure of the Graduate Library space that occurred in September 2016.

VP Education Update
Zain Ismail, VP Education

Zain updates on 24 hour library openings, free sports classes from CitySport and what's in store for the SU's Keep Calm Study On Campaign.


ACS are opening positions to join our team for members and non members

City Students’ Union decides to NOT Boycott the NSS

The Union has taken the decision to continue to work with the City, University of London to promote the National Student Survey (NSS)

What I Discovered By Voting In The Elections

Yes, many of you think nothing will change or you are being told things that are impossible. But, you’re wrong.

Leadership Conference 17

We look back at our workshop-filled day, delivered to students by CityCareers, Learning Enhancement and Development, the National Union of Students, ExperienceCity and CityLibrary.

Free CitySport Classes During Keep Calm Study On
Keep Calm Study On

As part of our KCSO campaign this January, CitySport are offering a host of free classes, including boxing, yoga and cycling.

Notice of Election

The Deputy Returning Officer hereby gives notice of the Leadership Elections 2017

Updated Assessment Regulations

The Assessment Regulations relating to all City programmes have been updated for 2016/17.

Learning Enhancement Award Winners Announced

This year's Learning Enhancement Awards were held in the Northampton Suite on the 9th May, and recognised those academic and student support staff who students think have made a huge difference to their City experience this year.

Freshers Week 2015
Freshers Week background image

Whether you're a new student coming to City University for the first time, or you've been here for years, we have a fantastic lineup of entertainments & survival sessions to help you meet people and see City at its best.

CULSU Complaint on behalf of students at Pure City upheld

Having experienced tremendous difficulties for more than five months, the occupants of this student development in Islington- Pure City - have successfully argued that the provider who was in charge of building from the time they moved in until the end of February had breached the National Code of Standards. .


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 Student Support Services  At City Students' Union, we recognise that university can be a challenging time for students. From the stress of exams and deadlines, to money worries
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  Study Skills   Preparation is key when it comes to performing your best during exam season. So from quiet study spaces to exam skills workshops and more, we’ll ens
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International Students' Officer The International Students' Officer represents all international students studying at City, University of London. It is their role to represent, campaign and
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Black & Minority Ethnic Officer The Black and Minority Ethnic Officer represents all students that self-define as BME, they are there to represent you, campaign for improved access and faciliti
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Sports Officer The Sports Officer respresnts all students that are involved in Sports and works to ensure that there are opporutnities for all students to be involved. They work closely with CitySp
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Extenuating Circumstances The University has a range of support options open to you if health or personal problems are starting to affect your studies. If you've got a disability or long-t
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Applications are now closed. Have a great idea for an event or project in your school? We’ll give you money to make it happen! Whether it’s battle of the bands, a pane
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Have a great idea for an event or project in your school? We’ll give you money to make it happen! Whether it’s battle of the bands, a panel discussion with leading academics,
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Student Conduct and Discipline The University may decide that an incident or conduct needs to be investigated according to their disciplinary regulations. This could be matters relating to mi
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Our Academic Impact We want to shout about some of the many great things our team have achieved. We're so proud about how much our Programme Reps, Officers, Staff, Societies and students have
  Relax & Fun   We’re organising a whole host of fun and relaxing activities where you can chill-out, recharge and enjoy yourself! Perfect for a revision break w
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Academic Misconduct Academic Misconduct is any action that produces an improper advantage for the student in relation to their assessment(s) or deliberately and unnecessarily disadvantages other st
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  Mindfulness   From mindfulness meditations and listening sessions, to emotional distress workshops, City Students’ Union has a plan to help you de-stress! &nb
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Study Well Recipes   Courgette & Sweet Potato Loaf   Vegetable Curry   Turkey & Chickpea Coconut Curry
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Our Values We are Inclusive. We are Broad-minded. We are Creative. We are City Students’ Union. At the heart of everything that the Students’ Union does are its values. They give
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Fitness to Practise Fitness to practise applies to students studying on professional programmes regulated by professional statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs). For such programmes the Unive
Leadership Academy Fund
Leadership Academy Fund The Leadership Academy Fund is a funding pot available to Students’ Union Leadership Award participants to apply to fund small projects, events, and activities, th
Former S.U. Officers
Former City Students’ Union Sabbatical Officers City Students' Union has a long history of supporting students and developing the community at City, University of London. This import
Union Advice - Academic Impact 2016-17
Union Advice - Impact Report 2016/17   What We Do   We provide free, independent, impartial and confidential academic advice on academic appeals, academic misconduct, com
Society Rewards
At City SU, our societies are responsible for a huge amount of activity that engages thousands of members every year. From charity fundraisers to educational trips, famous guest speakers to