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    Annual City Party

      Hi guys, I need your help. I want to have parties in the university. I think this university looks like a therapy centre more than a regular university and it is so boring. When I checked the page of student union all I see are academic skills events and mental health services. We did not even have a party for Halloween. I think student union should prepare at least one or two big parties. This is crucial as having lectures. So, COVID should not be an excuse unless government puts restrictions. University students should have some good memories. The Union should only arrange the place and music, it does not need to provide any drink. It is up to students to do whatever they want. The Union should only arrange the event and security.
    Lucy Ainsworth
    10:11pm on 21 Jan 22 +1 ????
    Andrew Counihan
    12:04pm on 27 Jan 22 Yes!! Ive thought this uni has been incredibly boring and having events would at least give it a bit of life
    Birbey Toguz
    10:47pm on 27 Jan 22 A 'Bring Your Own Booze' party like the one at Downing Street? Sounds good!