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    Free menstrual products in the female bathroom

      I have been approached multiple times by people on campus asking for menstrual products. With approximately 50% of the university being female and having their period, having accessible pads in university would make a significant difference
    Katherine Smith
    11:32am on 3 Feb 22 I agree, I think they should be provided as standard.
    Aida Aliyeva
    11:46am on 26 Feb 22 I totally support this idea, as it is a necessity
    Zainab Mohmed
    10:09am on 3 Mar 22 I agree - it’s a basic provision that the university should be providing to us
    Lyba Zahid
    10:22pm on 3 Mar 22 I agree - would be helpful in an otherwise possibly compromising/embarassing situation.
    Christiana Alatishe
    4:25pm on 6 Apr 22 The SU Welcome Desk always has pads and tampons available.