Decolonise City - Social

Decolonise City - Social

We know that Universities were created and built on colonialism, which has shaped and continues to shape our education system.

‘Decolonise City’ is not just a buzzword. It’s an anti-racist campaign aiming to centre Black and minoritized students at the heart of our institution. We aim to bring to light a decolonial perspective, which we believe is essential to anti-racist work and take a systemic approach for a systemic problem.

We understand that we cannot decolonise City in one year, however, for this academic year, we will be focusing on the following categories:

• Educational
• Student Services
• Social


Objectives of the campaign:

Dukes (previously known as CityBar)

1 Make CityBar Work for Students A motion passed at AGM stated the need to refurbish and rebrand this space to make it more inclusive for all students.
2 Update 2

From January 2022. alcohol is no longer visible when the space is open during the day or when its not acting as a ‘bar function’.

3 Update 3 In January 2022, this space was rebranded and it is now called Dukes. This space acts now as a food outlet for all students.


Student Groups

1 Access to Student Groups Evaluating the barriers to accessing student groups – from the social culture to financial pressures.
2 Participation (Intersectionality)

Ensuring that all students feel comfortable to join student groups.


University Space

1 Making the University Space for student friendly

Discussions with PAF to make the space more student friendly, representative of the students.

2  Update  The univeristy space is slowly changing into a more representative and accessible space for all students. There is now a mural outside the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre that celebrates the achievements of City students.