Student Spaces Project

Student Spaces Project

What is this campaign about?

There is a lack of student space on campus.

This project aims to transform the Tait Building First Floor Staff Common Room into a multi-purpose student-facing communal space in an answer to the urgent plea for more student spaces at City, University of London.We are also working to make CityBar more accessible for all students.

Student Common Room

  Campaign Objective Campaign Progress
1 To create a space on campus run by the Students' Union to address the lack of student space on campus to socialise

Working on it 

We sent this paper titled 'Student Space Project' to Space & Management Committee on 24 October 2019.

The room has been allocated to the use and management of CIty SU. Your SU President has managed to secure funds to redesign the space.

Works were secheduled to be done during Easter, however this will be delayed due to Covid-19.

2 Refurbish the Student Common Room. Over the Summer, the Union has been working with the Univeristy to refurbish the new student space.
3  Student Common Room is here!

The Student Common Room located on the Tait Building First Floor will be open to all students from the beginning of this academic year (21/22).

This multi-purpose student-facing communal space can be used as a quiet or social space. This space can also be booked by student groups.


1 Make CityBar Work for Students A motion passed at AGM stated the need to refurbish and rebrand this space to make it more inclusive for all students.
2 Next Steps (Term 1)

By September we are hoping alcohol will no longer be visible when the space is open during the day or when its not acting as a ‘bar function’.

3 Next Steps (Term 2) By January we are hoping the space will have been refurbished and launched with a new identity and name and under the management of the Union (not including the commercial element).

Get in touch

If you are interested in hearing more about this work, or want to get involved you can email Shaima Dallali, SU President.