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This is who you voted in

Thank you so much to everyone who ran, voted, and who helped deliver The Leadership Elections 2017. You were all great, and we couldn't have done it without you!

Congratulations to our winners, they'll start their new term in June, for a year, representing you on the issues that you highlighted. 

From L to R: Malek, Olesea, and Zulkaif.

Part-time Officers:

Nuridin ”Jan" Niyazi: Sports Officer
Fatema Dhanani: Raising and Giving Officer
Selim Afifi: International Students’ Officer
Leonardo Margarido Dib Daud: Ethics and Environmental Officer
Cherry Hla: LGBT Officer
Zeynep Dildar: Women’s Officer
Muhammad Shaikhani: Disabled Students' Officer
Anna-Noemie Ouattara Boni: BME Students’ Officer
Aurora Herrera: Graduate School Officer
Juste Siauciunaite: SRO: Health Sciences
Fariza Latifova: SRO: Maths, Engineering & Computing Sciences
Siim Ojavere: SRO: Arts and Social Sciences
Minni Agyeben: SRO: City Law School
Honza Jenicek: SRO: Cass

Full-time Officers:

Malek Arab: Vice President, Education
Zulkaif Riaz: Vice President, Activities and Development 
Olesea Matcovschi: President

Our full breakdown of the results will be available soon 

The PDF will include a full run-down of the results including individual vote counts, and excluded candidates. 

View it here soon.