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This is who you voted to represent you!

Thank you so much to everyone who ran, voted, and who helped deliver The Leadership Elections 2018. You were all great, and we couldn't have done it without you!

Congratulations to our winners, each Officer's is in the role from the 1st July to the 31st June.


Part-time Officers:

Name Role Email Manifesto
Egor Chetverikov School Representative Officer - Cass TBC View here
Maimuna Bushale School Representative Officer - SASS TBC View here
Abdul Khokar School Representative Officer - SMCSE TBC View here
Ruqaiyah Javaid School Representative Officer - SHS TBC View here
Ricky Emery School Representative Officer - Law TBC View here
Election in October Postgraduate Representative -Taught    
Election in October Postgraduate Representative - Research    
Surra Mehdi BME Officer TBC View here
Election in October Disabled Students' Officer    
Tarah Ouegnin Womens Officer TBC View here
Maxime Comminge LGBT+ Officer TBC View here
Annette Yunus Pendrey Ethics & Environmental Officer TBC View here
Fatema Dhanani Raising & Giving Officer TBC View here
Edward Armitage SportsOfficer TBC View here


Full-time Officers:

Name Role Email Manifesto
Kristina Perelygina President View here
Nazia Bharde VP Activities & Development View here
Tuna Kunt VP Education View here


Our full breakdown of the results will be available soon 

The PDF will include a full run-down of the results including individual vote counts, and excluded candidates. 

View it here soon.