How to elect your Programme Rep

How to elect your Programme Rep?

Programme Reps represent the students on your course and help turn feedback into change. They are supported by the Union and the University.

Do you have a Programme Rep in your Course? Check here - Find Your Rep. If you can't find your Programme Rep, it probably means there isn't one in place - here is your chance to represent your course and nominate yourself to be a Programme Rep.

I want to be a Programme Rep, how do I nominate myself?

It's simple!

  1. Speak to you Course Leader and express your interest in nominating yourself.
  2. Once you have all the information, nominate yourself online.
  3. Stand in our online elections (there may be other students who want to become a programme rep as well, so we encourage all students in your course to vote for whom they prefer)
  4. Once you get elected, you'll be invited to join our online training.

(Please note: the nominations period for Programme Rep elections has now closed)


I want to vote for a Programme Rep, how do I vote?


  1. Go to election portal below;
  2. If you can't see anything, make sure you are logged in;
  3. Once you're logged in, use the portal to vote for the Programme Reps you want to elect for your course;
  4. Make sure to hit submit when you are done and your vote has been cast. 


Programmme Representative Elections 2020/21 No elections are currently running