Candidate FAQ

Candidate FAQ's

This page is a space for Candidate's to view all the questions put to the Deputy Returning Officer and Elections Team. The table will be updated over the course of the election with useful information.

If you have any questions, small or big that are not answered here then let us know on

Date Question / Issue Answer / Ruling

Can I put posters up on campus?

We are advising all candidates to follow the current UK Government lockdown and City University guidance concerning attending campus. That being, that unless you require to attend campus for studying because you do not have access to reasonable study facilities (computers, Wi-Fi etc.) then you should at stay home. As such, this election is being run entirely online with no Union activity happening on site so further guidance on spaces on site will not be issued as we do not expect students on site.


You can find the full City update here: 


Can I use my University email to post on Moodle?

Yes, there are no rules that stop you from using your University email address for campaigning. The Union do not have control over course Moodle pages so we would recommend that you let your course leader know before posting in case they don't know and remove it.


Can my friends post on their course Moodle pages about my campaign?

No, a friend or someone in your campaign team cannot use their University email and Moodle access to post about your candidacy. This is covered more in Bye Law 4, 10.13.


Once a Society endorses me can they email their membership encouraging people to vote?

Once they have let the DRO know about their endorsement they can post about a candidate on their pages. There are a few rules that societies have to follow, the main ones being:


  • They cannot use their funds to fund your campaign; and
  • They cannot post about more than one candidate in one post / communication as this could be considered a 'slate' campaign.

I'd like to use a photograph of myself standing next to the City logo on campus, is that ok?

Yes, you may use a photograph of you on campus, for example next to the logo outside the Northampton Square entrance, or of you in a City hoody.


You should not however add the City, or Students' Union logo to your elections materials as an addition to the design, for example, adding a one of the logos to a poster to show an affiliation.

15/02/21 Do Sports Teams need to follow the same process as Societies to endorse a candidate?

No, the Union does not run sport and so the governance is slightly different.


We ask that where a candidate wishes to seek endorsement from a Sports Team that they treat the group and their leaders as their campaign team. This means that any action they take is attributed to that candidate and their campaign. 


So, for example, should a Sports Team post break a rule the sanction of that action falls to the candidate. We strongly encouage all candidates to properly explain the rules to their supporters and campaigners.


Can a Society endorse more than one candidate?

Yes, Societies may endorse a candidate for each election.


However, Societies cannot endorse more than one candidate for the same role (eg. Two people for President etc.)


How does digital campaigning happen? Is there a special platform?

There is no special platform for digital campaigning. The Union will be producing a Poster Booklet to share across vote week, and has a number of things planned to go out across Union and City University channels.


Candidates will also have the opportunity to take part in the Candidate Debate.


Are the daily Candidate Briefings mandatory?

The daily briefings are not mandatory but all candidates are welcome to pop along and say hi if they wish.


Is the BME Officer only able to be voted on by self-defined students?

Yes, only students who self-identify as a person of colour (or BAME / Black, Asian and Minority ethnic) should vote in the election of the BME Officer.


Self-definition is an option when students log into vote.


Do all materials going online have to be approved?

Yes, we ask that any campaign materials whether a poster, flyer, social media asset or a Zoom background be run by the Elections Team for approval. This is so we can make sure it is within our rules.


Why do digital posters for the booklet have to be landscape?

The Poster Booklet that is being made by the Union Communications Team will be landscape and will only be viewable online. Because of this we need all posters to be in the same format so that voters are able to easily view then.


Who can vote for the School Representative Officer roles?

Only students from each School constituency may vote for the School Representative Officers.


Do I have to email the Elections Team to get a mentor?

If you haven't heard from us regarding a mentor then please do drop us an email.


When can candidates start emailing Societies for support?

Anytime from 12:00 on Monday 15 February.


Do we have to get approval for starting an Instagram account for campaigning?

No, you may create Instagram and other Social Media accounts to support your campaigning without approval. You will need to get any social media assets approved.


Do we have to have all Instagram posts approved before posting?

We ask that if you are uploading ‘posters’ / social media assets (eg. Square images related to your campaign with text etc.) online that you get these approved. We do not however ask that candidates seek approval for every single post.


If you are unsure whether a post needs approval, you are of course welcome to send it over for us to look at.


If we are a Leader of a Society, do we still need to go through the formal endorsement process?

Yes, endorsements require a written note of from the Society to be approved. This is in place in case a Society finds that two candidates are running for the same role, we would expect if this were the case that the written note would include considerations for the different candidates, and why the group endorses X candidate over the other.

  Can currently elected Sabbatical Officers campaign for election during their work hours?

No, re-running part-time and Sabbatical Officers must run their campaign entirely seperate from their day to day work. We issue these people with extra guidance to make sure they are clear on the rules.

Any re-running Sabbatical Officers are advised to take annual leave (holiday), mark their lunch breaks clearly in their calendars, and have been asked this year to submit a campaigning rota so the Elections Team are clear when they are / are not working should posts go up.

  As a candidate can I post about other candidate's on my social media page? No, if you are a candidate in the election you cannot post about another candidate as this will be considered a 'slate' (or, collective campaigning).
  Can I tag other people who are running in the election in my Instagram posts?

No, you cannot tag any other candidates who are running in the election.

This would be a breach of Election Rule 8.2 concerning collective campaigning. The reason for this is that 'tagging' someone else on your material can be viewed as an active endorsement, and in turn collective campagining / a 'slate'.

  Can LinkedIn be used for campaigning? Yes, candidates may use personal LinkedIn profiles for campaigning - this includes current SU Executive Officers.