Candidate FAQ

How do I submit a complaint?

Any student can submit a complaint about a candidate, their supporter, or about the election process until one hour after the close of voting using the Complaints Form. Complaints raised after this point will not be accepted, except in relation to the conduct of the count.

Grounds for complaints may be on any of the following grounds:

  • Failure in good conduct of the election 
  • Behaviour and activities of candidates or their supporters
  • The administration of the election
  • Breaches of the election rules.

Complaints should normally be supported by evidence.

Any student can submit a complaint about the conduct of the count within one day of the announcement of results. Grounds for complaint are limited to: the STV calculations are inaccurate and here is a physical error in the count.

What is the elections bye-law?

These are the set of rules which state what candidates can and cannot do when running in a Union election.

Who can apply to take part in the elections?

Any current student can apply to be an Assembly Member or Students' Union Officer. Students applying for an Assembly Member role need to be enrolled as a student at City, University of London in the following academic year.

If you have any questions applying for a position, email Raquel on in a chat or drop-in to the SU Office space, Tait building on the Northampton Square campus.

Do I have to know everything about the Students' Union to apply?

Absolutely not.

We will provide you with all the training you need to apply and even more if you are elected. Some key training dates have already been agreed and can be found on page 9 in the Students’ Union Officer Job Pack and Assembly Member Job Pack.

Can I apply for a full-time role if I am an EU or international student?

Yes! If you are elected City Students’ Union will fund a Tier 4 Visa extension and associated health insurance.

More Information can be found from UKCISA website.

Can I apply and run with someone else?

Yes! You may hear this referenced to as collective campaigning or running on a slate; this is allowed but is regulated to ensure groups do not have an unfair advantage over others.

The names of all students wishing to form a slate must be provided on your Application Form.

If you want to run with others but don't have any friends running you can come to our networking event:

Applicant Networking, 3 March 2022, 4:00pm – 5:30pm, SU Common Room

I use a different name to the one I registered at City with, can I use the name I want to?

Yes, just let us know on your application form. We'll also ask for the name you are registered with the university as so we can set up the election but your preferred name will appear on the ballot.

What is a priority and why do I have to write three of them?

This is what you intend to work on if you are elected. It also helps voters understand why they should vote for you.

Every priority that is written will inform the Union's work in the next academic year so it's really important you contribute!

If I apply what do I have to do to get the job?

To get the job students at City have to elect you by voting for you.

The voting system we use is called Single Transferable Vote (STV). Voters are asked to rank the candidates in order of preference and select candidates they want in the order they want them (1,2,3 etc). Voters may express as many or as few preferences as they wish, but cannot mark more than one candidate with the same number.

To win, you must get above 50% of all the votes, either by totalling more than half of the first preferences or by redistribution of votes.


Who is RON and why are they running in all the elections?

RON stands for Re-Open Nominations and appears in all elections, having this option allows voters to choose none of the candidates opting for the election process to restart.

Can my Society / Sport Team support my application?

Any student-led group at City can support a candidate that is running in our elections, the President / Captain just need to let us know the committee all agree. Once thats done groups can use their membership lists and social media to promote a candidate or slate. Easy.

No Society or Team funds must be used to finance your campaign.

Can I put the Students' Union logo or University logo on my posters and flyers?

Yes if you would like to do this, you can.

I'm not very confident speaking in public, if I apply will I have to make a speech?

You won't have to make a formal speech, no but you will most likely end up speaking to hundreds of students at City.

If you apply to be a Students' Union Officer and are elected you will be offered the chance to make a thank you speech.

Can I stand for both Students' Union Officer and Assembly Member?

No, you can only stand for one.

If you are unsure which role might be right for you, email Raquel for a chat on

How much time do I need to spend talking to students during the vote week?

It is totally up to you.

The more students you speak to, the more votes you will hopefully gain.

I've applied for a role but am worried about my University work, can I apply for Extenuating Circumstances?

Unfortunately, not.

You will need to organise your campaign around your University commitments. Once you have submitted your application form, we recommend that you get in touch with your course to let them know – but remember, don’t ask them to email students for you!

Can I buy sweets to give out to people I am talking to?

Yes, if you would like to use some of your budget to buy sweets you can. You must keep an itemised list and the receipts of everything you buy for vote week and not spend more than your budget.

You can download a budget tracker on our Resource Hub.

Can I help a student who is struggling to vote, or give them my phone to vote on?

No, if a student is voting then step away.

Over vote week there will be voting stations across all campuses and students' union staff on hand to help. If someone is struggling point them our way.

One of our most common complaints is of candidates helping students to vote - don't let this be you!

I'm a student parent and I'd like to run with a friend, if elected can we share the job?

Yes, you can run together on a job share!

A job share is an arrangement where two people work on a part-time basis to perform a job normally fulfilled by one person working full time. In this case, it means that the 35 hours a week worked by the Students’ Union Officer role would be split between two people.

Drop Phil an email to chat more

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