Guidance for University Staff




The City Students’ Union Autumn Elections 2021 will begin shortly.

It is likely that you will see campaigning around the campus and online, and you may also be approached by candidates who will ask you if you can help their campaign by, for example, allowing them to speak to your students in lectures, or to email your students about their candidacy.

We have produced this guide so that if you are approached by candidates or students for help, or see campaigning around the campus, you will know what is appropriate and have some context to be able to respond appropriately to any requests made to you.

It is in the interest of both the University and the Students’ Union that those elected to represent students genuinely represent students, and that the elections are free and fair. The best way to ensure this is to allow candidates to speak to students and engage as many students as possible in the elections.

Key Dates

  • Campaigning for the elections starts on Tuesday 19 October at 9:00
  • Students will be able to vote from Monday 25 October, 09:00
  • The results of the election will be announced online on Friday 29 October.


The Union holds annual elections where students at City, who are all automatically members of the Students’ Union, vote for their political representatives.

The following part-time officer roles are available:

  • Student Councillors - propose and agree City Students Union's policies on critical issues such as student space, widening access and sustainability.  Besides holding the elected officer team to account and providing political oversight, this year Student Councilors will be able to vote and approve the changes in our democratic structures.
  • Chair of Student Council x 1 position
  • Student Councillor (Business) x 3 positions
  • Student Councillor (SASS) x 3 positions
  • Student Councillor (SHS) x 3 positions
  • Student Councillor (SMCSE) x 3 positions
  • Student Councillor (Law) x 3 positions
  • NUS Delegates – each year, City students have the opportunity to become one of several delegates attending the annual National Union of Students’ (NUS) Conference. Attending the conference is free, and accommodation and travel is covered by City.

The following NUS Delegate role is being chosen in this election:

  • NUS National Conference Delegate x 6 (Gender balancing rules apply) *

* The NUS National Conference has a gender-balance requirement and at least half of the delegation must self-define as women.


You can find all information about candidates running in the election here:


Election Rules and Guidance for Staff

University staff do’s and don’ts



Encourage students to vote in the election

Endorse any candidate(s) by naming and telling students who they should vote for

Give students the opportunity to speak to your class about their campaign

Give one person access to speak and reject another at the same time

Let students know that the election is happening in your emails to them

Send an email telling students to vote for a specific candidate

Let us know about any bad candidate behavior by emailing us

Try and make rulings on candidate behaviour you observe


Candidate Behaviour

All candidates must follow Union’s Elections Regulations, as well as all University policies and current Government lockdown guidance as must any student.

This means that, for example, they must not endanger the safety or wellbeing of students or staff while campaigning and are expected to deal with students and staff in a professional and courteous manner as at any other time.

If you observe any behaviour by candidates that you believe breaches Union or University rules, you may challenge the relevant candidate. We would ask also that you report any such observed incidents to the Deputy Returning Officer, who is responsible for ensuring that the regulations for the election are enforced, by emailing us on

You can find the full Students' Union regulations at:

Candidate Requests

‘Online lecture shout-outs’

Candidates may ask to make a ‘shout out’ to your students, either at the beginning or the end of lectures. Candidates are informed that it is up to the lecturer whether they allow them to speak to students in this way, and should accept your decision either to allow or not to allow them to do so.

While we understand that time in lectures is limited, we would ask that you consider facilitating lecture shout-outs where possible. We will be informing candidates that such shout outs should be short and to the point. If you are able to allow these, we believe that more students will be engaged in the election process, and the outcome will be more representative.

Access to Student emails

Students may also approach course organisers or Programme / School administrators requesting access to emails or asking for emails to be sent out on their behalf.

Our election regulations specify that “University email addresses must not be used for campaigning purposes for any email sent on behalf of a candidate to more than 20 students.” (SU Regulation 9.16). We ask that you do not send out emails on behalf of candidates

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact Hannah Roberts, Deputy Returning Officer at

We would also be grateful if you were able to remind your students to vote in the elections between the 22nd and 26th February. Voting is entirely online via the Students' Union website.

Many thanks as always for your patience and support.