Student Members' Meetings

Student Members' Meeting 2021

Meeting Date Agenda & Papers Minutes
1st December 2021 Download here Download here (approved)
13th January 2022* Download here Download here (unaproved)


* An additional Student Members' Meeting was called by Student Council on Tuesday 14th December with the purpose of discussing thhe Union's ongoing Democracy Review. 

I'm confused, what's a Student Members' Meeting?

Each academic year, City Students’ Union hold an annual Student Members’ Meeting, sometimes refered to as the Union General Meeting (UGM), or the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

The purpose of the meeting is for members of the Union (that's you, our students) to:

  • Hear from the Trustees on what the Union has been doing since last year;
  • Formally present the accounts, giving you a chance to see how we spend your money;
  • Approve the list of affiliations of the Union;
  • Provide an opportunity for Student Members to ask the Trustees questions;
  • To debate and pass student policy;

How can a student submit their idea to the Student Members' Meeting?

Any student can submit thier idea (otherwise known as a motion) to Student Members’ Meeting, which would then be debated and voted on to become policy of the Students' Union. This can be in any area that you feel strongly about or that you want to change about City.

What is a motion? 

Motions are policy proposals that are considered by students at the Student Members’ Meeting (1st December 2021). Any student enrolled at City, University of London can propose or support (second) motions. 

Submit a motion, and then come and discuss it at the Student Members’ Meeting, help us shape the student experience here at City! If passed, the Students’ Union will work on its resolutions and you’ll be able to track the progress made here

How to write your motion:

Give your motion a title. 
The title should provide a concise summary of what the motion is about. 

Section one: 'This Union Notes...'. 
This section includes facts and information that can independently be seen to be true. 

Section two: 'This Union Believes...'. 
This section contains opinions and things that you consider to be true.  

Other people may disagree with this section, which can be then discussed and debated at the meeting. 

Section three: 'This Union Resolves...'. 
The section outlines what you want City Students' Union to do as a result of the motion. 

You can find past motions here: 

How to submit your motion:

Motions are submitted by filling out this form, or by emailing them to or to the Student Council Chair - 

If you wish to email us your motion, please click here for a motion template.  All motions need to be supported by a second City student - your seconder.  

The proposer of the motion will be expected to give a speech in support of the motion at Student Members’ Meeting, where the motion is discussed. This speech is to provide context and information for students, persuading them to support your motion. Seconders may also give speeches in support or make points from the floor. 

The deadline for submitting a motion to the Student Members’ Meeting was on Monday 22nd November, 9:00am.