Annual General Meeting Academic Year 2014-15

Annual General Meeting 2015

November 26th November, 6pm, Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre.

Your Students' Union's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is where you can:

  • Hold your Students' Union's Trustees to account for the previous year.
  • Hear how the Students' Union has spent its money for the last year - and plans for next year.
  • Tell us what you want the Union to do in the future.

The Minutes of the 2014 AGM can be found here. These were ratified at the AGM on the 26th November. Minutes for the 2015 AGM will be uploaded here shortly.

All of the Full Time Officers must submit a report to the meeting. The Officer's reports for this year's AGM can be found here:

Below you can find the Proposals that students submitted, which were debated and voted on at the Annual General Meeting this year.

Proposals outline what students think the SU should do - either to provide something, to campaign or lobby for a change or to take a position on an issue - and why. Proposals include three sections:

  • Background: What are the circumstances that have led to the submittion of this proposal. Has something happened or is there some factual information which suggest that the idea should be implemented?
  • Principle(s): What are the main principles underlying the proposal? These are typically a statement of a belief or position.
  • Action(s): What does the proposer want to happen? This could mean that they want the SU to take a position on an issue; to act on or do something; or to lobby or campaign for something.

The Proposals passed at the AGM on the 26th November, which are now the established policies of the Students' Union, were:

The Students' Union will begin to work on these policies:

You can find All of the Student Union's policies here.

What will happen at an AGM?

Have a look at our 'AGM Beginers Guide' and find out how you can take part!

Annual General Meetings are run in accordance to the Students' Union' Constitution & Regulations. For full details, you can find these here.

If you have any questions, please email the Students' Union.