Annual General Meeting Academic Year 2015-16

Annual General Meeting 2016

The 2016 Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday 17th November, from 5.30pm in the Great Hall (College Building).

Minutes from the meeting are available to download here.

The meeting included:

  • A Report from the Students' Union's Trustees detailing their activities since the previous AGM (November 2015) and how they have progressed with last year's policies. This is available here.
  • Reports from your Elected Officers' on their activities for this year and a chance to question them on the work they have been doing. These are available below.
  • Receiving the Students' Union's financial accounts for 2015-16.
  • Approving the list of affiliations that the Students' Union currently has.
  • Student Policy Proposals - receiving, debating and voting on any submitted proposals.
  • Approve the Minutes from the last General Meeting.


All City, University of London Students are invited and encouraged to attend.

Have a look at our 'AGM Beginers Guide' and find out how you can take part!


Policy Proposals

The Policy Proposals that will be debated at the meeting, are as follows:


You can find a list of current Students' Union policies here.


Officer Reports

You can download and read a copy of all of the Officer Reports here. The Full Time Officers will present their reports during the meeting.


Part Time Officer Reports:


The LGBT Officer and International Students' Officer will report to the next General Meeting, as they have only recently taken up position in the last week. 


Please note this page will be updated regularly with information on the Agenda. A full agenda will be available on Monday 14th November.