Let's get your
year started

We've put two week's worth of events in your calendar. Huge parties, chilled days, and activities run by your societies. We've got the perfect mix for whatever you want to do.

Our first events kick off from mid-September and run right the way through to October. Our schedule centers around City's Northampton Square Campus, and some of London's most famous venues, allowing you to explore one of the world's greatest cities.

Welcome Week / City Students' Union

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Congratulations, you’re coming to City!

(and you’re in the right place…)


Hello there! We’re City Students’ Union and we are here to make your time at City, University of London amazing and right now you’re on the central web-hub for our Welcome (Freshers’) 2019 events, tickets & wristbands. Have a look around and see what we’ve got in store for your arrival! Psssstt… If you’re interested, make sure you get your wristband before they sell out…

Day events

We’ve a huge range of fun activities, informative meets and ways to get involved in your first month at City. Best of all, all our daytime events are FREE!

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Nightlife events

As the sun sets we’ve the biggest range of events and parties at some of the best locations in London. Come join us on our party boat as we set sail up the River Thames!

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Tickets &Wristbands

One wristband to rule them all! If you want to experience what London Nightlife has to offer, be sure to get the wristband for access to all of our Nightlife events. We also sell single tickets, but make sure you check as you’ll probably end up saving money with our Welcome Nightlife Wristband!

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Freshers' Fair

Freebies, sports, societies, clubs and ALL of the stuff that you need to successfully kickstart your time at City. You do not want to miss the Freshers’ Fair!

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Everything Else

What we do

We listen to students, and work with the University to make it better. When students come to us with issues or improvements, we make sure that the University knows. New prayer rooms, student facilities, and the reissuing of exam marks were all of the things we've helped our students get just this year.

Who we are

We’re run by students. A student-elected team of officers lead a plucky team of staff to make your time at City so much better. If you need a host of activities for the good times and support for the bad, we’re here for you. We’re politically independent from the uni and represent your views. If you need us, we’ve got your back.