Welcome Week / Wristband and Tickets

Just the ticket.

Our best-ever line of events puts you in the heart of our City. We're so excited to welcome you – it's going to be great. Be ready, we expect these to go quick!

Three ways to attend the events.

Option /1

Get the Wristband
& Save £25

The safe option. If you don't want to miss out this is the option. We save you money, and get you into the best clubs and nights across London.


Option / 2

Buy Individual Tickets

Get tickets for our events and mix and match your Welcome Week. Perfect if you just want to go to a few. Find all of our Nightlife tickets on our Nightlife section.


Option / 3

Turn up on the night

We'll have limited tickets available if we don't sell out. All years are welcome, and if you're not in your first year, this is your way to gain access to our events.



wristband /

Nightlife Wristband

Don't miss out. Get access to the best of Welcome Week. This year we've upped our game, if you want to have fun, you've come to the right place.

We've saved you money. All of the events below would've cost you £70.00.

The Wristband gets you in:

  • Welcome To London Party
  • Get Mark’d After Party
  • Boat Ball 2019
  • Boat Ball 2019 After Party
  • The Official City AAA x2
  • Fancy Dress Sports Night After Party
  • The Big Fat Union Quiz

& Priority Entry until 22:00

Single Tickets /

Just a Ticket?

Only attending a few events? Head over to our Welcome: Nightlife page.


Frequently Asked Questions


Important stuff you need to know...


Everything Else

What we do

We listen to students, and work with the University to make it better. When students come to us with issues or improvements, we make sure that the University knows. New prayer rooms, student facilities, and the reissuing of exam marks were all of the things we've helped our students get just this year.

Who we are

We're run by students. A student-elected team of officers lead a plucky team of staff to make your time at City so much better. If you need good times when it's easy, and support when it's tough, we're here for you. Independent, democratic, and representative, we've got your back.