The Union is committed to increasing sustainability and protecting the environment. We recognise our environmental impact and we are making changes so that we can reduce it.

Our Policies:

As a Student Led and Democratic organisation, we have a number of Policies in place to allow  us to work in a more sustainable direction.

See some of our policies below:

Student Policies

Tackling Climate Change Framework

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Societies UN SDGs Requirement

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Climate Change Policy

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Opt-in Paper system

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Environmental Policy

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Signing up to the SDGs (Global Goals) - Union

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Signing up to the SDGs (Global Goals) - University

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Big Ideas
Sustainable Food Campaign 50% Click here to find out more
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SU Documents:

Our biggest environmental impacts

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SMART Action Plan on Sustainability

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Staff Incentives Guidance

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Every year as a Union we work towards the Green Impact Students' Union Award run by Students' Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK). This work is very important to us as an organisation as it allows us to keep up to date with the cleanest and greenest ways of running your Students' Union.

This year we submitted our audit document in April and are pleased to share that we achieved an “Excellent – +250 Points” (formerly gold), a huge improvement on “Good” (formerly bronze) from 2019/20.



This year we have launched a plant based food campaign.

We want students to understand the benefits of increasing the amount of plant-based food in your diet, and encourage students to choose plant-based options. We also want to hear your favourite plant-based meals and will be putting together our own book of recipes, ready for Study Well!

We are working with the University and Catering to open discussions about how we can ensure the food we eat has a positive impact on the environment. 

Check out our campaign to get involved!



As an SU we always try to recognise students involvement in our activites and enjoy providing students with rewards and incentives for getting involved. 

Working remotely and in-person the incentives we give-away can have a big impact on the environment and we want to ensure that our incentives are sustainable and accessible.

We have put together a guide for our staff, officers and student leaders. 

You can see our staff guide on incentives here.


“Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.” – (Fairtrade Foundation, 2019)

By buying Fairtrade you are helping farmers in developing countries have a secure and sustainable livelihood in which they have the power to decide on their future. City University committed to being Fairtrade in 2010, and as such you can choose Fairtrade on campus, with various food and drink options and on clothing in the SU Shop and on our e-store. To find out more about Fairtrade click here.


What can you do?

You can get involved in our Plant Based Food Campaign by choosing to eat plant based options or by filling in our template recipe with your favourite dish and sending it to us by clicking here!

Join us for our Student Leaders Sustainability Training on May 19th - Sign-up here! 

or learn how to grow plants in a small space with our Study Well Session with Hannah Grows!


We have put together a series of ways you can save money by getting more sustainable: