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students were helped and given academic advice through our service (16/17)

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Programme Reps have represented you in nearly every single class across the University

City Students' Union Programme Reps

The News

It's official - your new Sabbatical Officers are finally here!

They're ready to make change at City! Get to know these faces - they'll be representing yo

Our Union Advice Service is open over summer!

Need an appointment to discuss your situation? Find out more here...

Catch up with Kristina - your new President for 2018/19!

Kristina gave International Students and Postgrads the representation they deserve during

Campaigning was a whole new world for Nazia

We caught up with your new VP Activities & Development for 2018/19 to get the low down on

Tuna fever isn't over yet...

We caught up with your new VP Education for 2018/19 to get the low down on her campaign an

Goodbye and Farewell

Olesea, Malek and Zulkaif share their departing message as they leave their roles as City

Student Wins
We've secured a new storage space for all student groups!

Good news for all the student groups: We now have a new storage space which is bigger, safer, and more accessible to all!

We've created a society for every subject!

In the start of my term, one of my main priority was to achieve 100% academic societies because of its importance of creating communities f

Cocktails are back to CityBar!

At the beginning of this academic year it was brought to my attention that cocktails were no longer allowed to be served at CityBar. We rec

We have ensured the University’s Exam Timetable has been released on time!

Today sees the release of the University’s Exam Timetable for January 2018. This has been released on time and as planned by the University


Speak to one of our officers

Find a part-time officer who specialises in the area you'd like to change, or take it to the top and go directly to our Sabbatical Officers. Find their emails, and get writing!

Chat to your School Rep

If there's anything in your school, course, or modules that you'd like to have a say on, our School Reps are the best people to take your issue forward. You can also grab one of our hundreds of Programme Reps during lectures.

Submit a paper to Union Council

Get your change voted on! The Union Council is a group of our elected Officers who meets and votes on the big issues. Contact the Student Council and Student Council Chair at StudentCouncilChair

Get a pointer

Talk to the staff in the Students' Union directy. If we don't have the answer, we'll know the right person who does. Pop in and see us on Level 1, Tait, Northampton Square.

Your Sabbatical Officers

Kristina Perelygina