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students were helped and given academic advice through our service (16/17)

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Programme Reps have represented you in nearly every single class across the University

City Students' Union Programme Reps

The News

10 Reasons to Run in our Elections

Not sure about the elections? What even are they? Why should I run?

LGBT+ History Month

February is LGBT History Month - find out what's happening in the local area!

Student Members' Meeting 2019 - What Happened

See what happened at the Student Members' Meeting and all the new things the Union will be

"There's nothing in this world like being an Officer!" - Zain's take on the elections

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting one-to-one interviews with City Students' Union’s

"Hands down the best thing I’ve ever done" - Issy's take on the elections

The nomination period for our Leadership elections is very nearly over! If you're on the

RAG Week is Back!

City RAG is back with a whole week of exciting and fun events to keep you all entertained


Speak to one of our officers

Find a part-time officer who specialises in the area you'd like to change, or take it to the top and go directly to our Sabbatical Officers. Find their emails, and get writing!

Chat to your School Rep

If there's anything in your school, course, or modules that you'd like to have a say on, our School Reps are the best people to take your issue forward. You can also grab one of our hundreds of Programme Reps during lectures.

Submit a paper to Union Council

Get your change voted on! The Union Council is a group of our elected Officers who meets and votes on the big issues. Contact the Student Council and Student Council Chair at StudentCouncilChair

Get a pointer

Talk to the staff in the Students' Union directy. If we don't have the answer, we'll know the right person who does. Pop in and see us on Level 1, Tait, Northampton Square.

Your Sabbatical Officers

Kristina Perelygina