BuzzBike and City Students' Union

Bike hire from £12.35 month for City students plus £50 cash back!

City Students’ Union and City, University of London are proud to ‘Make Every Day Better’ for City students through a new and exciting partnership with Buzzbike.


Yavuz, Deputy President said:

‘We know being a student in London can be expensive with rising prices for food, accommodation, travel and your daily essentials.  This new partnership ensures that City students get the best discount available for Buzzbike cycle hire on their Buzzbike-CTY model, whilst also reducing their environmental impact.’

The Buzzbike-CTY normally costs £18.99 a month to hire, but for City students this will be as low as £12.35, plus an additional £50 cashback thanks to City, University of London. 


How much discount will I get?

All those with a email address and a Buzzbike City discount code will get a whopping 35% off their Buzzbike-CTY hire agreements, including the rolling plan, 6-month plan and the 12-month plan.

This means you will pay the following on the Buzzbike-CTY model:



Normal Monthly Price

City 35% Discount Monthly Price

Rolling Plan



6-Months Plan



12-Months Plan




Using discount code: 'BUZZCITYAC' to get 35% off your Buzzbike

Sign up to Buzzbike here:


How do I get the £50 cashback?

Thanks to the amazing support from the City, University of London President, Professor Anthony Finkelstein, the first 200 students who sign up for a 12-Months Plan and submit a reimbursement claim (see below) will be able to claim £50 towards the cost of their first years agreement costs.  This means the first year will cost less than a £100 in total, when you sign up to a 12-month agreement and get the £50 cash back.


To claim your £50.00 reimbursement please complete the form ‘Expense Claim - Buzzbike’ - CLICK HERE.


Please email the completed form and proof of signing up to the 12-month plan (a copy of the agreement and first payment) to


Remember, this is only available for the first 200 people who submit the above expense claim form and provide the relevant proof.


Staying safe whilst cycling

We care about your safety and for this reason, the City, University of London President, Professor Anthony Finkelstein, has also agreed to contribute up to £10 towards bike helmets for those who join the Buzzbike scheme, on any of the plans available. To claim this £10, you just need to follow the below process:


Please complete the form ‘Expense Claim – Contribution Towards Bicycle Helmet’ - CLICK HERE. Please email the completed form and proof of purchase of your helmet to


Cycle training

There are lots of free cycle training courses available and we encourage you to attend a course and read up on cycle safety before venturing out on your bike in London.  Some great courses and resources can be found at:


Some top tips from TfL:

  • Stop at red lights. Don't ride through red traffic lights. You may be fined £50
  • Stay central on narrow roads. Try to ride away from the gutter. If the road is too narrow for vehicles to pass you safely, it might be safer to ride towards the middle of the lane to prevent dangerous overtaking by other vehicles
  • Stay away from parked cars. Ideally, keep a door's width away in case the door opens suddenly. Also, try to ride in a straight line past parked cars rather than dodging between them
  • Stay back from HGVs. Lorries and other large vehicles might not be able to see you clearly, so stay well back behind them
  • Always pay attention. Stay focused on what's going on around you so you can see what other road users might do
  • Make eye contact. Try to make eye contact with drivers so you're sure that they have seen you
  • Don't pavement cycle. Don't cycle on the pavement or up a one-way street (unless clearly marked for cyclists)
  • Wear bright clothes. Stay safe by wearing bright clothes during the day and reflective clothing/accessories at night
  • Night lights. Use lights after dark - white at the front and red at the rear. You may be fined £50 if you don't have them
  • Reflectors. Your bike must also be fitted with a red rear reflector, and also amber pedal reflectors if it's manufactured after 1985
  • Signal. Use appropriate hand signals to indicate that you're turning left or right
  • No phones or devices. Don't use a mobile phone or earphones
  • Helmet. Consider wearing a helmet


Why have we partnered with Buzzbike?

Buzzbike is a forward-thinking company that seeks to make a difference in London and has a mission that we can get behind, which is:

‘We believe bikes are the answer. They’re fast, they’re fun and they’re fossil fuel free. They’re great for the body and even better for the mind. So our mission is a simple one, but one we believe can help create a more sustainable future and more livable cities.’

Buzzbike also offer a great support package along with their bikes including a lock, theft replacement and on demand repairs. More information can be found here:



City, University of London and City, University of London Students’ Union is in no way liable for personal injury, theft or damage of the Buzzbike as part of this partnership.


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