Academic Impact Awards

The Academic Impact Awards are your opportunity to recognise and reward your fellow students and the members of staff that have helped shape your University academic experience, through their representation, teaching, support, and more… This years Awards took place on Tuesday 14th May 2024. Check out the shortlist and winners below!
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Shortlist Announced!

Student Awards:

  • Programme Representative of the Year
    • Ajai Satheesan

    • Michelle Alexander WINNER

    • Ishan Thaman

    • Parneet Nandha WINNER

    • Charlie Brown WINNER

    • Elizabeth Kisova

    • Ellie Feltovic

    • Caren Rizk

    • Emily Page WINNER

    • Zahria Alkhafaji

    • Leo Salem WINNER

    • Zhala Alizada WINNER

    • Junaid Katon

    • Saariyah Rahim

  • Assembly Member of the Year
    • Prachi Naik
    • Shruti Pandey WINNER
    • Gabi Prefit
  • Best Representation and Feedback
    • Alexandra-Maria Toca WINNER
    • Sameen Ahmed
    • Freya Scott
  • Academic Community Impact
    • Sabrina Abdow
    • IEEE Robotics Society WINNER
    • Mbuotidem Ekpo


Staff Awards:

  • Teaching Excellence 
    • Neil Maiden

    • Andy Wilkins WINNER

    • Nigel Waddington

    • David Amos WINNER

    • Jonathan Gibbs WINNER

    • Matthew Capon

    • Benard Ohene-Botwe WINNER

    • Nikki Botting

    • Rachel Holland

    • Soheil Ahmadi WINNER

    • Charles Watson

    • Vinyas Mahesh

  • Outstanding Support (Professional Services and Non-Teaching Staff)
    • Andrew Panayiotou

    • Gavin McClean WINNER

    • Daniel Fraser

    • Richard Knott

  • PGR Supervisor of the Year
    • Benard Ohene-Botwe WINNER

  • Personal Tutor of the Year
    • Rachel Holland WINNER

    • David Amos

    • Paul Flaxman

  • Student Voice and Partnership Champion
    • Adam Thompson

    • Aisha Dosanjh WINNER

    • Asa Barber

    • Shannon Precilla

  • Accessible Education 
    • Christina Malamateniou WINNER

    • Leslie Gaston-Bird

    • Soheil Ahmadi

Check out our full criteria document to find out more about the categories.

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