Welcome to City, University of London Students' Union Giddha Society!

Giddha is a popular folk dance of women in Punjab where females get to exhibit teasing, fun and exuberance of Punjabi life. Punjabi culture is filled with vibrancy and fun loving, loud people. They believe in expressing themselves with full power and intensity.
Punjabi dances are based around energy and happiness. Giddha’s form has freedom, expression, dramatic voice, facial and body dialoguing. It is a kinaesthetic and muscular activity with elements of clapping and voicing emotions. Thus, it is an act of body, mind and emotions.

Proud to be the second university to bring this society into U.K. university allowing punjabi culture to spread and opportunity for us young punjabi girls to connect with our community. We will be having weekly classes where you can learn new giddha routines to the latest punjabi song as well as learning traditional boliyan. In addition we have Jaggo nights, Lohri function and Vakisha mela to dress up and embrace our culture. 

Ajo nachlo ni kurriyo, Huss lo ni kurriyo, Nachna khedna reh jaouga, Koyi gabhru shaukeen munda lai jaouga.


  • Giddha Society Associate Membership£5.00
  • Giddha Society Standard Membership£5.00


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