Welcome to the heart of support and understanding—City University London’s Mental Health Society! ?? We are a community dedicated to promoting mental well-being and providing support for students navigating the challenges of university life which is why here, you will meet like-minded people sharing the same passion on how to keep one’s mental well-being intact whilst the new challenged university life throws at them. 

Through engaging events, open discussions, and interactive workshops, we explore the colorful spectrum of mental health. Laughter intertwines with learning as we destigmatize conversations about mental wellness, celebrating each step on the path to a healthier mind.

We aim to amplify voices, advocate for mental health awareness, and create an inclusive environment. Education is our beacon, offering resources and insights to empower individuals. Above all, we stand united, weaving a tapestry of support and understanding for each other.


We don’t judge, we understand the feeling and we know how it feels.

This is a safe space, just to talk, to engage with each other and help each other out.

Our society is a safe haven, fostering a warm community for everyone, embracing diversity, and nurturing mental well-being in all its forms.

Join us in our journey to promote mental health awareness and foster a community built on empathy, resilience, and kindness. Together, we’ll paint the skies with hope and understanding!



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