City’s Saudi Society is a society that aims to share knowledge on Saudi Arabia and its vision 2030, as well as spread its rich culture to those who are interested . We know how difficult studying abroad can be, so our Society hopes to provide a place for Saudi students to feel at home in by creating the same environment and diverse heritage for them to enjoy and for others to learn more about.


Our Mission:


1. We want to create a space that teaches students from all cultures and ethnicities on the beauty of Saudi’s culture and traditions through events and social gatherings by sharing our traditional music, food and games such as our famous card game; baloot.


2. We want to spread awareness on the beautiful destinations of Saudi Arabia that no one has heard about. It has not been long since Saudi has opened it’s doors to tourists and we want to recommend to students to take on adventures in Saudi and visit the distinct Saudi experiences offered in each season.


3. The society will also organize educational and career events, where we will share information on Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 that is currently opening up a range of job opportunities to not only Saudis but people from all over the world. We aim to help students enhance their communication and leadership skills to boost their CVs and give them a chance when applying to Jobs in Saudi. This will not only allow them to participate in a process meant to drive the future of Saudi Arabia, but will also open their horizons to a new experience of learning.


Our Aim:


1. Give students the opportunity to learn more about Saudi’s culture.


2. Create a safe space for our members to meet and socialize.


3. Provide insight on career opportunities in Saudi.


Our Society is not only for Saudis, we look forward to having members from all around the world!


  • Saudi Society Associate Membership£5.00
  • Saudi Society Standard Membership£4.00


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