Central Asian Society

City University of London is home to a vibrant and diverse Central Asian
society that serves as a dynamic hub for students and individuals
interested in the rich and multifaceted cultures of Central Asia. This
society fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment where people from
all backgrounds can come together to explore and celebrate the unique
traditions, histories, and contemporary dynamics of the Central Asian

Key features of the Central Asian society at City University of London

1. Cultural Exploration: The society offers a platform for members to delve
into the cultures, languages, and traditions of Central Asia. Through
society events one can gain a deeper understanding of this oftenunderrepresented

2. Language Learning: Central Asian languages such as Kazakh, Uzbek,
Tajik, Kyrgyz, and Turkmen are taught and practiced, providing an
opportunity for members to expand their linguistic skills and engage with
the diverse linguistic tapestry of the region.

3. Celebrating Diversity: Central Asia is known for its rich tapestry of
ethnicities and religious traditions. The society highlights this diversity and
promotes tolerance and understanding among its members, creating an
environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

4. Food and Cuisine: Food is a central aspect of any culture, and the
Central Asian society at City University of London organizes events where
members can enjoy and learn about the culinary delights of the region,
from plov to laghman to mantu(i), and more.

5. Cultural Events: The society hosts a variety of events throughout the
year, including cultural festivals, traditional music/karaoke/games,
performances, and exhibitions showcasing Central Asian art and crafts.

6. Networking and Community: Members can connect with people who
share an interest in Central Asia, fostering a sense of community and
camaraderie. This network can be a valuable resource for academic and
personal development.

7. Global Awareness: Central Asia is a region of growing geopolitical
importance, and the society keeps its members informed about current
events and issues in the region, providing a platform for discussions and

The Central Asian society at City University of London is more than just a
student organization; it's a window into a world of diverse cultures and a
place where individuals from various backgrounds come together to learn,
celebrate, and promote a deeper understanding of Central Asia. Whether
you're a student from the region or someone with a passion for learning
about the world's diverse cultures, this society is a welcoming and
enlightening place to connect and engage with the enchanting and
fascinating world of Central Asia.


  • Central Asian Society Associate Membership£6.00
  • Central Asian Society Standard Membership£3.00


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