MedConnect: Bridging Aspirations in Healthcare
Welcome to MedConnect, the hub for all things healthcare at City!
Whether you're fascinated by the vital world of first aid or are navigating
the challenging path towards a medical career, MedConnect is here to
support and inspire you.

Our Objectives:
1. First Aid Empowerment: We believe everyone should possess
fundamental first aid knowledge. Through our hands-on workshops,
training sessions, and interactive events, we aim to instil the importance
of first aid techniques and skills. Learn, practice, and master life-saving
skills like CPR, and discover how you can make a difference in
emergency situations.

2. Guidance for Aspiring Medical Professionals: Dreaming of a future in
medicine, but unsure about the path forward? MedConnect is here for
you. We've crafted a support system tailored to students who aspire to
delve into the medical world post-graduation. Engage in enlightening
discussions, gain insights from professionals, and share your journey with
a community that resonates with your aspirations. Whether you're
considering further studies, seeking internships, or exploring other
avenues into the healthcare industry, MedConnect is here to guide and

3. Healthcare Engagement: Dive deeper into the healthcare ecosystem
with MedConnect. We actively collaborate with local healthcare
organisations, clinics, and professionals to offer enriching workshops,
volunteering opportunities, and engagement events. Seize the chance to
gain real-world insights and experience in healthcare, all while making a
tangible impact in our community.

Join MedConnect today and become a part of our thriving community,
dedicated to fostering healthcare passions and aspirations. Together, let's
explore, engage, and excel in the world of healthcare!


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