Welcome to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association (AMSA) at City
University of London. AMSA is a vibrant and inclusive student
organization dedicated to promoting an understanding of the Ahmadiyya
Muslim Community and fostering a sense of community among its
members. The society serves as a platform for individuals of all
backgrounds to come together, learn about the Ahmadiyya Muslim
Community, and engage in meaningful discussions and fun activities.

Our societies mission is to raise awareness about the beliefs, principles,
and contributions of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and to create an
environment where students can explore the values of unity, peace, and
social service that lie at the heart of our community. Through educational
seminars, cultural events, and volunteer activities, we strive to foster a
greater understanding of the Ahmadiyya Muslim faith and to encourage
dialogue and cooperation among students of different faiths and

We welcome students of all beliefs, faiths, and backgrounds to join us in
our pursuit of mutual respect, tolerance, and unity. Whether you are
curious about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community or simply interested in
engaging in thoughtful discussions about faith and spirituality, we invite
you to become part of our university society. Together, we aim to create a
more inclusive and harmonious campus environment, where
diversity is celebrated and understanding is embraced.


  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association Associate Membership£2.00
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association Standard Membership£0.00


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