City University Ahlulbayt Society (CAbSoc) aims to promote and raise awareness of the true teachings of Islam that was transmitted through the Quran, The Holy Prophet of Islam and his purified progeny Ahlulbayt (AS).

Welcoming all - Our Vision is to develop unity amongst Muslims and Non Muslims in order to spread understanding, knowledge and the positive peaceful and humanitarian message of Islam by using the teachings of the AhlulBayt (a.s). We aim to create a platform at City University to encourage dialogue and spirituality by holding seminars, weekly discussion circles and large scale events with renowned speakers.

Throughout term time we are also involved in charity work and social activism for our community such as raising food and funds for food banks in areas close to the university. We work closely with other Ahlulbayt societies in London and are governed by the Muslims Student Council (MSC) - an external student body which organises national Absoc campaigns. CAbSoc has received numerous awards in the past such as Most creative fundraiser from City University and from the MSC awarded Best Absoc award and Best Event award for the “A long walk to freedom” event discussing political science and history in regards to the Contemporary black liberation movement.

"Verily I am leaving with you the two most valuable and weightly objects:  the Book of God and my household (the Thaqalain). 



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