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The City Art Society is for students who like the art/cultural world and who want to meet like-minded people while doing creative activities.

That’s why the range of events will go from outside activities to talks!

- Trips to museums, galleries, exhibitions followed by drinks

- Themed activities where you can create (such as photo walking, 60s psychedelic arts painting, pottery lessons etc)

- Some « talks »: these are meetings where professionals and artists come and talk about various things such as explaining a certain period of art, describing careers in the art sector, or even teaching how to make art (any medium). 

The goal would basically be to offer a safe and fun place for city students so that they can express their artistic minds and learn as many art/cultural information as possible!

Add us on instagram to have more infos: @cityartsociety


  • Art Society Associate Membership£5.00
  • Art Society StandArt Societyd Membership£4.00
  • Art Society Free Membership£0.00


This group isn't running any events right now. Why not get in touch and suggest something?

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