Welcome to City, University of London's Bengali Society!
City Bengali Society aims to connect people, from all backgrounds, who share an interest in Bangladesh and Bengali culture. We aim to encourage members to explore Bengali culture and embrace our diverse background as well as participate in Charity Fundraisers to support the less fortunate in Bangladesh.
Current Committee: 
President = Khairum Oscar Kabir Sattar
Vice President = Hana Kamaly
Content Creator = Noshin
Communications Officer = Nasir Mohammed
Finance Officer = Jabir 
Events Manager = Khadeja
Events Manager = Jamin
Head of Sponsorship = Akram Uddin
Any questions please send them over to our email: BengaliSociety@city.ac.uk or DM us on Instagram: @CityBSoc


  • Bengali Society Standard Membership£5.00
  • Bengali Society Associate Membership£5.00


This group isn't running any events right now. Why not get in touch and suggest something?

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