Canadian & American Law Society

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Helping international students to navigate the English and North American legal sectors through quality of life advice, professional development opportunities, and signposting through the legal world.

The Canadian & American Law Society (CALS) mission is to:

  1. Promote the international law student community in London through mentorship, social engagements, and raising awareness of the challenges to studying abroad.
  2. Support international students aspiring to establish careers in, and foster the diversity of representation within, London’s legal sector by collaborating with the City Law School and industry partners.
  3. Support ‘foreign-trained’ law students intending to requalify and practice in North America to prepare for professional requirements such as the NCA assessments.

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President: Nicholas Blaikie-Puk

Vice President: Zana Nicolaou

Vice President, Communications: Dakota Honsberger

Vice President, Finance: Marissa O’Neill

Vice President, Operations: Mykaela Brewerton

GELLB1 Class Representative: Karlee Hutchins

GELLB2 Class Representative: Renaldo Fitzpatrick

LLB1 Class Representative: Sahar Noorzai

LLB2 Class Representative: Madisyn Meckling-Veilleux


  • Canadian & American Law Society Standard Membership£10.00
  • Canadian & American Law Society Associate Membership£12.00


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