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The Official home of Carrot Magazine, City University's student publication.

The official home of Carrot Magazine, use this page to join our group or to find out what we are up to!

Editor-in-chief: Zainab Iqbal

Executive editor: Rida Idress

Executive manager: Saira Iqbal


Membership details 

Both Standard and Associate membership allows members to either be a junior writer or a senior writer. Junior writers write at least one article for Carrot Magazine a month. Senior writers write at least one article a week. 

Standard membership is for City students. 

Associate membership is for Non-City students. 

If you would like to get involved, please contact us:


  • Carrot Magazine Associate Membership£3.50
  • Carrot Magazine Standard Membership£2.50


This group isn't running any events right now. Why not get in touch and suggest something?

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