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Political society centred on putting revolutionary ideas into practice on campus, with regular meetings, reading groups, socials and participation in campaigns such as solidarity with striking staff.

The Marxist Society isn't shy about its aim: we believe that the capitalist system doesn't work for the majority of people in society, and must be consigned to the dustbin of history as soon as possible.

But how can this be done? Come along to our meetings and discuss with us the way forward towards a better world - the socialist future of humankind!

We hold regular discussions and talks, reading groups and other events on and off campus. We're planning more things for the next academic year, including socials and film screenings.

And, importantly, we put our ideas into practice on campus, by getting involved in any struggle we can against exploitation and oppression. Already this year, we have played a leading role in student solidarity with staff striking against attacks on their pay and conditions.

To make an impact with your ideas, you also need strong organisation - not just in one place but on a national, and even international, level. That's why the Marxist Society is affiliated to the Marxist Student Federation, the federal body of all student Marxist Societies across Britain. Internationally, we look to the International Marxist Tendency for our ideas, which is carrying out the struggle for socialism in around 50 countries across the globe.

So, if you're a City student interested in changing the world - or are just curious about the ideas of Marxism and what we stand for - join the Marxist Society for free and come along to our events. If you're a non-student, you can still join the society - with an associate membership fee of £2.00 as required by the Student Union.


  • Marxist Society Associate Membership£2.00
  • Marxist Society Standard Membership£0.00


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