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Our previous instagram was hacked so our only social media account is @CITY.TORIES. The instagram, cityconsoc, is NOT us and is NOT affiliated with City University OR City University Conservatives.


It’s a great pleasure to introduce you City’s Conservative society! What counts for us is to bring together great minds who want to exchange ideas, network, and obviously have lots of fun together. We have members from countries all over the world and are interested in politics.

As a member, you will be offered great opportunities to hear from influential politicians, engage in debates, and most importantly make some great friends. We typically have weekly events (Tuesdays or Thursdays) which consist of pub nights, port and policy debates, MP talks, and a few club dinners.




  • Conservative Society Associate Membership£3.00
  • Conservative Society Standard Membership£2.00


This group isn't running any events right now. Why not get in touch and suggest something?

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