Wealth Management Society

Welcome, Freshers!

2022/2023 Bright Network Selected Partner!

We are excited to welcome you to City & Bayes and are working to bring you invaluable events and opportunities this academic year. 

We are currently looking for analysts to join our Virtual Fund with £10,000,000 of assets under management. DM US!

We are the City Wealth Management Society and by joining us, you will have the opportunity to take part in GREAT activities such as:

  • Seminars with INCREDIBLE guest speakers from all over the world
  • Coffee chat to socialize with your peers and HAVE FUN!
  • Applied financial workshops and HINTS to improve your EXCEL skills
  • Career support and mentoring activities
  • Access to a newsletter to stay informed on the latest WM and financial news 
  • Access to our society WhatsApp group chat with CMWS members exchanging valuable information!

We are a student-run organization affiliated with the City & Bayes Student Union, and our main goals are to provide enthusiastic students with thorough knowledge and reliable technical and soft skills to enhance their employability.

By planning networking events and assisting members in learning about the sector through ongoing speaker events and seminars, we also seek to establish a City & Bayes alumni network across the wealth management industry.

We strive to focus on allowing students to acquire insight into a wide range of jobs regardless of their year of study or degree course. Working on assisting people with enduring passion in creating the most effective and competent applications for the wealth management sector is a major goal of CWMS.

We are pleased to have collaborated and developed ties with investment banks like UBS, and we eagerly anticipate expanding our relationships further.

Our ultimate MISSION is to enhance your career awareness and increase your understanding of Wealth Management. In addition, we provide an environment where we promote cultural exchange among our members.

JOIN US NOW and FOLLOW US through our social media pages!

WhatsApp: https://linktr.ee/cwmsociety



FB:  https://www.facebook.com/City-Wealth-Management-Society-113257677931034


E-mail: wealth@city.ac.uk


  • Wealth Management Society Associate Membership£6.00
  • Wealth Management Society Standard Membership£4.00


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