Our central mission is to bring the legal community together here at City.

We aim to eradicate barriers, whether real or perceived, that may inhibit our diverse student body from realizing their full potential in the legal field. Despite the excellent education and resources available at City, University of London, students may at times lack the confidence or knowledge to pursue top-tier opportunities.

We aim to serve as a transformative force that changes this narrative. Our society provides targeted guidance, resources, and network-building opportunities to dispel any apprehensions our members may have about their career prospects.

We strive to underscore that potential is defined not by stereotypes or labels, but by individual skill, ambition, and commitment to the profession.

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Standard Membership is for current City, University of London students. The Associate Membership is for non-City students.


  • Law Society Standard Membership£6.00
  • Law Society Associate Membership£10.00


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