Is economics outdated?

Rethinking Economics is a progressive global charity that focuses on revamping economics education to include more pluralistic and relevant content. In doing so, it aims to better equip future generations of economists. Despite economics being such a prevalent subject, it is taught in a narrow, uncritical way that is detached from the real world. It is dogmatically taught from one perspective as if it is the only legitimate way to study the economy. There is no room for the critical discussion and debate that is essential for any student to engage with real world economic problems. Seminars are focused on theory, whilst exams test how well students can solve abstract equations.

The way its taught has a huge impact on global policy, democracy and climate change. Elections are fought and won on economics, whilst social policy is formed on how people think it will affect the economy. There has never been a more important time to reform economics educations to better suit the 21st century

In the short-term we aim to build a dynamic and motivated interdisciplinary community of students to incite change at City.

In the long-term we hope to change the economics curriculum at City with the help of enthusiastic academic staff and students.

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