AGMs and Club Elections

Annual General Meetings (AGMs):


All clubs are required to host at least one Annual General Meeting (AGM) per year – this will mainly be used for Club Elections. These can be used to make key decisions, such as electing your committees (more below), or can act as an opportunity for committees to provide a review of the year, a financial report and general feedback to members.

The Captains will be responsible for chairing the meeting, but other committee members should help with the planning and delivery of the meeting where needed.

To vote on decisions at an AGM, you must have either:

a. 5 members present at the meeting

b. 50% of your membership present at the meeting

Please go with whichever is lower.

Members must receive a minimum of one weeks' notice of the AGM taking place.


What is an AGM?

This is a meeting with your committee and members, where you will decide your new committee in person. For this to be valid, you need at least 50% + 1 of your members present at the meeting. For example, if you have 100 official members, you need 51 members present at the meeting. For this method, there are a number of things the SU needs for it to be valid:

1) A complete list of attendees

2) A list of candidates and how many votes they each received

3) Proof that ‘Re-Open Nominations’ was an option for all positions


What do I need to do after?

You will still need to send an email back to letting us know which specific committee positions you would like to be running for the elections, informing us which positions are up for grabs and which method you will choose to run your AGM election. Popular methods include raising hands, anonymous paper-based voting and live, online forms.


Club Committee Elections


April– Committee Elections should take place.

May/June– New Committee Training

Summer Term– Communications between current and incoming committee begins and handover planning commences (SU will support with this process and be in touch with both committees throughout this term)

1st August– Official handover date – incoming committee members who have completed the training will begin the term as a Club Committee member.

Rules and Regulations

1. Coercive tactics, such as forcing people to vote for you, are not permitted and candidates caught doing this will be disqualified.

2. Vote buying (offering to pay for someone’s membership in exchange for their vote) is not permitted. This includes any other financial or gift-based incentive. Candidates caught buying votes will be disqualified.

3. Current committee members re-running cannot use club tools to further their campaign. For example, you cannot use your official club social media pages/email address to campaign.

4. Current committee members re-running cannot use club funds for their campaign.

5. If you are a WhatsApp group chat admin (e.g. for your society) you cannot remove other candidates’ campaign posts.

6. Please use WhatsApp group chats, specifically for other societies, sparingly.

7. All those attending the AGM must be paid members of your club. Attendees that have not; purchased a sports card are not eligible to vote.

8. Candidates can vote for themselves during an AGM.If you would like to report anything you see that breaks these rules, please email All complaints will remain anonymous


Club Committee Roles and Memberships

Each committee must have a President, Finance Officer and Secretary and as this used to be two co-captains – we will teach you what these roles are. Other roles can then be added, just drop us an email and we will sort it for you!

Below is a brief description of what each role entails, but please make it your own and don’t feel restricted. Please also keep in mind that all committee members can get involved and share responsibilities so, for example.


The Club President leads and oversees all activity (previously the Captain).

They are responsible for ensuring that the committee and the Student Group is running smoothly, and that Students’ Union rules and regulations are being followed properly.

The President is responsible for:

• Leading the direction of the club.

• Ensuring that rules and regulations are being followed.

• Delegate tasks with other committee members.

• Ensuring that the club takes part in key events throughout the year, e.g. committee training, Welcome fair & all fixtures/competitions in BUCS.

• Chair any Annual General Meetings (AGM).

  • Communicating with external stakeholders and the Students’ Union.
  • Captain on the day for fixtures, will work closely with the coach to pick the team on the day


Secretary/Communications Officer:

The Secretary runs external and internal communications. This involves ensuring that you communicate effectively with members, as well as with the Students’ Union and any external stakeholders. The most important role of a Secretary is to ensure that all members have access to information about events and activity.

The Secretary is responsible for:

• Providing regular communications to members.

• Promoting events and activity through social media and other channels.

• Organising and monitoring social media and email accounts.

• To ensure that members are following the University’s bullying and harassment guidelines, and ensuring that group chats and social media are safe and free from bullying and discrimination.

  • Passing on all information to club members and making sure all team members have purchased a sports card and looking after representational kit.


Finance Officer

The Finance Officer is primarily responsible for managing the club budget and submitting any funding applications that your club wishes to submit, keeping all inventories of equipment stored & working out how much equipment is required for the season. They are responsible for ensuring that the Students’ Union’s financial rules and regulations are being followed.

The Finance Officer is responsible for:

 • Learning and following the Students’ Union’s financial rules (please drop us an email if there’s ever anything you’re unsure of!).

 • Keeping track of income and expenditure within the club including public transport, whether you are requesting a coach to an away fixture, all equipment that is required for the season.

• Submitting any applications for the Students’ Union’s Club Development Fund Grant (send an email to if you require this).

• Authorising any expense claims (except your own – these must be reviewed by the Chairperson)

• Oversee any charitable fundraising, donations and sponsorships.


Applicable to All Committee Members

Some roles can be shared by all committee members, such as

• Planning events.

• Contacting members, the Students’ Union or external stakeholders.

• Monitoring the student groups social media pages and email account, including group chats.

• Submitting expense claim forms.

• Organising committee elections for following year.

• Calling out inappropriate behaviour in group chats, at events and on social media pages.

• Ensuring that members, and thus your society, is following all of the University’s bullying and harassment guidelines.


Other Roles

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive – you can be creative with the roles and add more if you feel you need the support! Some other roles that have been added in the past include:

• Events Officer

• Vice-President

• General Secretary

• Social Secretary

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