Health & Safety


If you are injured whilst playing or training off site you will need to complete the following from City SU Sport injury and Incident Report Form ( (regardless of whether treatment has been given or not. This needs to be completed within 24 hours of the injury occurring. 

If you are injured whilst playing or training at CitySport, immediately report this to a member of staff who will provide first aid and fill in this form on your behalf.  

Similarly, if whilst training or taking part in a match at CitySport, any damage occurs to any equipment, or if there is any structural damage, you will need to report this to the CitySport Duty Manager immediately. If training or playing at an external venue, you will need to let the venue know. Please also report this to so the team is aware.


City, University of London & City Students’ Union does not advocate initiations of any kind and has a zero-alcohol policy, always. This must be adhered to during training and whilst representing the university in sports in any capacity. Members must adhere to the Union’s Health and Safety policy, which can be found here.

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