Teams make their own way to and from fixtures, so it is essential that the route is planned, allowing extra time, to ensure you arrive at your fixture on time.  

Most fixtures will take place within Greater London, meaning the easiest and cheapest option would be public transport. There are various route planners available online to assist you with planning your journey.  

Travel expenses will be covered for away fixtures only and must be claimed back within seven days (this can be done through an online (SGF) tool which will be demonstrated during Captains’ Training). It is important that you make your team members aware of this. A receipt must be kept, and all details must be logged via Student Group Finance Tool (SGF tool). Travel expenses only cover Public Transport, and any Taxis or Ubers will not be reimbursed.  


The following evidence must be provided when traveling by Public Transport: 

Train tickets (must show date, destination and price). 

Oyster/Contactless card journeys (evidence from TFL account with date, destination and price) 


The following evidence will not be reimbursed: 

Bank statements showing TFL journeys 



The Sports Development team will book a coach when your team fixture is outside of the M25 or inaccessible by public transport. Otherwise, all teams are expected to use public transport. Requests for coach travel should be made to the Sport Administrator at least SEVEN DAYS before you intend to travel.   In your request, please include which fixture it is for, how many people will be travelling and the pick-up time you require. Your transport request may or may not be accepted depending on cost and relative benefit.  

Travel by car 

Travel to away team fixtures by car will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances. Travel by car will only be permitted when: 

  • Either public transport or coaches are unavailable or insufficient. 

  • Car sharing with other team members is arranged. Travel by car for individuals will be refused. 

Requests for travel by car should be made to the Sport Administrator at least 5 working days before you intend to travel. Your request should outline the reason for the request and confirm the distance to travel by car using google maps. In your request, you should confirm that the car to be used is roadworthy and insured. 

Travel by car will be reimbursed at 30p per mile.  

Claiming your car expense request 

The expense request should be made through SGF as per the expenses process. As supporting evidence for your request, you should add an image of google maps showing the distance travelled based on what was  agreed and approved prior to travel by the Sport Administrator. We will not pay a petrol receipt. 

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