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What is a Sports Membership? How do I get one? Tell me more...
What is a Sports Membership? How do I get one? Tell me more...

Whether you are new to the Wolfpack or are returning to represent the university in sports once again, you will need to purchase your 2023/24 sports membership before being eligible to compete and train for your chosen team/s.  

Once you have received confirmation of your selection to a team/s (either verbally or through written email), you will first need to sign up and register to the BUCSPlay system. (Returning students to a team will not need to do this) 

Registering on BUCSPlay 

Upon filling in the registration form you will be required to input your university email. You will then be requested to register into a sporting community (the team that you represent). This is so that your captain can send you messages and to let you know if you have been selected for each match. You will need to ensure that you regularly visit the system to make yourself available for matches – without this, your captain will be unable to select you!  

If you will be playing for more than one team, you will be able to join multiple communities, however, please only join the community of the team/s you have been selected for. 

Purchasing your sports card  

Follow this link - 

Once registered with BUCS Play you will then be able to purchase your membership.  

  • Firstly, tick to confirm that you have registered for your BUCSPlay account.  

  • Next, follow the link to complete the medical declaration.  

  • State the primary team you wish to join (£5 of your sports membership will go directly to the club account of the primary team you select)  

  • Proceed to payment  

Once you have received confirmation of your payment, you will be able to visit the SU Welcome desk to confirm your membership* 

Please ensure that you have your City, University of London student ID card with you when visit the desk as you will be issued with a Wolfpack hologram sticker that will be placed on this card.  

You will be required to take this card with you to ALL team training sessions, matches (both at CitySport and external venues) and any provided team transport** 


Opposition teams/officials will cross reference team sheets uploaded on the BUCSplay App against university ID’s, so it is essential that you have this with you.  

Without it, you will not be eligible to play your match as per BUCS regulations.   


*Please note, the welcome desk will be open from Monday-Friday from 10:00-18:00 throughout term time 

**This includes home and away matches 

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