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Our staff offices are located in CX118. That’s on the first floor of Tait building, Northampton Square – next to our shop.

Our contact details         

City Students' Union                               
CX118 City, University of London, Northampton Square         
London EC1V 0HB 

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I need to see someone, what do I do?

Let us know before you say hello! We want to be here when you need us, and as we’re a small team, you might find yourself popping in to find the staff member you need is away from their desk. Your best bet is to let us know you’re coming, so we can make sure we’re here to help. Get in touch via email at, or social media @cityunisu.

I’ve ordered a Totum card, where do I pick it up?

It's well worth ordering a Totum card powered by NUS Extra, to experience over two hundred UK student discounts. Once you've placed an order, you will be notified when the card is ready for collection from our Students' Union reception. 

Why is your mascot a carrot?

It’s a long (but good) story. Pop in and we’ll tell you all about it over a cup of tea.

How do I contact and access the Union Advice?

You can find out how to contact us and access Union Advice here.

I want to make a complaint, how do I do it?

We hope that you are always satisfied when you get involved with the Students' Union, however we recognise that sometimes you may feel the need to make a complaint.  We take all complaints seriously and the process for both informal and formal complaints is set out in Bye-Law 13 Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures.  If you feel unable to make the complaint informally or are unhappy with the outcome, you can make a formal complaint using this form - click here.

Advertisement/media enquiries

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Our Team

Tuna Kunt


Email Tuna Kunt
  • I represent the student voice and liaise with governing bodies
  • I support student campaigns and welfare
  • I lead the Sabbatical Officers team and support Liberation Officers

Saqlain Riaz

Vice President Education

Email Saqlain Riaz
  • I support School Representative Officers and Programme Representatives
  • I facilitate Educational Campaigns
  • I work with academic and central support departments across the University and liaise with relevant external agencies

Rania Salim

Vice President Activities & Development

Email Rania Salim
  • I coordinate society leaders and work with volunteers
  • I organise and promote participation in events and activities
  • I support the development of societies, student media, volunteering and RAG

Philip Gilks

Chief Executive
Email Philip Gilks
  • I lead on the strategy of the charity and the delivery of its' mission
  • I'm responsible for City Students' Union's finance, operations and governance
  • I provide key support for our Sabbatical Officers

Susan Barrow

SU Head of Finance & Operations
Email Susan Barrow
  • I manage the Students' Union finances
  • I manage the shop and reception
  • I am part of the senior management team contributing to the overall strategy of the Students' Union

Hannah Roberts

SU Head of Membership Development
Email Hannah Roberts
  • I manage our Membership Development Team
  • I lead on the development and support of our student leaders, including our Sabbatical Officer team
  • I’m part of the Senior Leadership Team, contributing to the delivery of our overall strategy

Magdalena Knitter

Administration & Finance Coordinator
Email Magdalena Knitter
  • I ensure that all all the Students' Union invoices are being processed quickly and efficiently
  • I check and bank all the Students' Union income
  • I provide admininistrative support for the Union


Mark Riley

Societies Coordinator
Email Mark Riley
  • I'm responsible for the development and administration of all City SU societies
  • I provide training and advice for all student leaders when planning and delivering their activities
  • I facilitate the creation of new societies and areas of student engagement

Skye Golding

SU Wellbeing & Insights Coordinator
Email Skye Golding
  • I coordinate the Union's wellbeing campaigns and events
  • I am responsible for the support and development of our five part-time Liberation Officers
  • I carry out research to help the Union to understand what students want from us


Angelo Weekes

SU Representation Manager
Email Angelo Weekes
  • I manage and am responsible for the successful delivery of the Union’s Representation work
  • I oversee and support the Union’s wellbeing activity and Representation insight work on campus
  • I support the democracy of the Union, by contributing to the delivery of elections for all student leadership roles

Uma Dassaye

SU Academic Representation Intern
Email Uma Dassaye
  • I provide support to the systems and process used to manage programme representation System
  • I assist with the communication system for Programme Reps and the Programme Rep Newsletter
  • I support and oversee the organisation of student-led teaching awards scheme and other events related to academic representation.

Luke Frost

SU Advice Manager
Email Luke Frost
To receive advice you need to complete our Case Form here
  • I help run and improve the Union Advice service.
  • I provide free, impartial, and confidential advice on a range of academic issues.
  • I support the Union and the Sabbatical Officers in providing feedback regarding University policy and procedures.

Christabel Carter

SU Academic Advisor
Email Christabel Carter
To receive advice you need to complete our Case Form here
  • I provide free, impartial, and confidential advice on a range of academic issues.
  • I support our volunteers and run the Union Advice Volunteer programme.
  • I support the SU Advice Manager in providing feedback regarding University policy and procedures.